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  1. Lanfear was blinded by the whole Power thing and saving the DO. Nynaeve was the stronger in the OP then and there, so she had to be removed first and more importantly. Imagine being in Lanfear's shoes - you have the chance to defeat your strongest enemy, earn your boss's approval and become Naeblis and all. Do you care for that woman who can barely channel?
  2. The book was awesome, though I it didn't make it to my top list (yeah, like a few deaths and a blown fuse could top TSR). But I liked the end and the feeling for so much yet to happen even after the finale. Man, the WoT world has potential for SO MUCH more stories now... But, maybe it's best that fans imagine their own Fourth Age world. I liked how the Dragon died, but Rand himself lived. And, since Avienda is supposed to have children from him (Min's viewing), she's either preggers now, or will become later on. Min becoming a Truthspeaker and Cads becoming Amyrlin were surprising to me.
  3. Which were you most saddened by? Egwene. Devastating, though I see the Tower would have had it too easy with her in the new Age. Which was the most unexpected for you? Egwene. I also didn't expect Suian to die, at least not before she met Moiraine again. Was there anyone you really didn't care about even though the story spent time on their death? Jeaine Kaide. Was there anyone you were surprised to feel sad for? Gawyn. Romanda. Demandred. Any other thoughts to add regarding the deaths? The Dragon Reborn did die, but Rand al'Thor lived.
  4. I can't get over the way the scene of Mo's return was written. It was somehow "Eh..." I expected more. It could have been my favorite, but I have to give it to Egwene's death. It took time to sink in, especially after she said goodbye to TAR. It made more sense in the way the Aiel refer to living - as dreaming. So, until she dreams again became until she is reborn.
  5. If she agrees to stilling again and a man Heals her, she will be brought to her present strength. If a woman Heals her, she will grow even weaker. She is stuck with whatever she has now. I'm curious though, if she doesn't just have to reach her full potential again...
  6. I really hope Cadsuane dies. In book 7 she sais something like "...[her dealing with Rand] will be the best end of it all." I also think Min will die. Siuan and Moiraine will be weird I'm sure. Having each other's mistakes interrupt each other's plans is not a hard thing to overcome.
  7. Siuan cannot be healed anymore, because her connection to the Source is already healthy. If a man had healed her first, before Nynaeve, then she would have been able to go back to full potential. Added that she'd never agree to be stilled again and that according to custom, she's now like a willder... well, she's a done deal, stuck with whatever she has.
  8. Just realize you are the tiny person's aunt, mention it at least once before you fall through a ter'angreal and - bam! - you'll be better than Mo. As an aunt, that is.
  9. I think Moiraine could be the lyrical character from Nightwish's 10th Man Down.
  10. Vandene once said that the cloak ter'angreal could only do one thing. Actually she said that "no one ever could make it do something else". Sooo, it could be one of those things that Aes Sedai "have known for centuries". It's weird that we should think about that as the warder cloak is supposed to be invisible, i.e. blend with the surroundings.
  11. Lol, must agree on answering things vaguely, searching for ambiguities in others' words. And me and my 6'2'' feel awkward most of the time, so you're fine down there. Trust me
  12. So, how much of Moiraine's way of thinking lives in your head? Anything in particular? Me, for example, I am using my colleague as a buffer between me and my boss. So far, my manipulations are successful. Well, not using him for the "Greater good", but for my own, but it still amazes me how a few carefully picked out words can turn the situation in my advantage without both my workmate and my boss knowing. How about you? Any intrigues you weave? Some Moiraine-ish schemes? Heavy planning? Share it here? (Okay, I don't know if that's the right subforum, but let's share some knowledg
  13. The first chapter was not released wholly. So, there's more to it, right? Kind of can't judge yet. And, actually, isn't it normal for the prologue to be more exciting than the first few chapters? TSR, TFoH, LoC etc. all have been this way.
  14. Chapter 11? Build up? What better way to appear than to interrupt Avi and Rand? Or right after they've "saved the Aiel people from oblivion"? ASAP for me is acceptable. Though, it needs to be dramatic. So, how about Moiraine walking in front of the full Hall while they talk to Rand? Ah, I'm not good at predicting a plot.
  15. Yeah. Egwene had a dream of nearly falling from a great height and dying unless a Senchani woman with a sword on her back saves her. Oh, and the action... I'm sure Jordan/Sanderson would bring the world very close to destruction. And, from the released parts we know that Mat appears in chapter 11.
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