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  1. It bothers me too... Would be interesting... can they be healed up more to full potential, or must be stilled again, and then healed by a man? Or at least Siuan can become an aiel Wise One, and be a match for Sorilea. Dat battle
  2. rhiy

    The missing NS scene

    Thank you I'm glad, that you like the pic. Thanks for the welcome Yes, I wish this would be in the comic. Anyway I read them in a comic-translating-fan-made site... the first translator never read the books, there was interesting phrases. I hardly recognized, what was what... "One Power", "channeling" and this kind of stuff can be translated to almost anything. Well, back then I didn't speak english at all. I prefer the digital comic reading, better resolution, bigger pictures Oh, I hate doing backgrounds... Originally this was a yellow, brown and deep purple "pure" background, wit
  3. Hello MW! I dont know, how i found this awesome site. Maybe through some fanart. I love fanarts and fanfictions, especially if Moiraine's involved. With this digital drawing I would like to thank you all for your inspiring and beautiful arts. It was great to read and to be looking at them. The scene is the missing scene from the New Spring comic, when Moiraine offers her Healing ^^ I tried to draw their outfits and environments similar to the Ns comic's. This is my first attempt to colour, I hope you like it. I started to reread the books recently, and somehow realized, that
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