Channelers and the Men Who Love Them; S1 E6 Hello Again

Channelers and the Men Who Love Them

Episode Six – Hello Again

“No you didn’t!”

“Moiraine you aren’t helping me.”

“You…and…and….Rand?! Rand al’Thor?! The idiot?!”

“Yes, Moiraine! I had sex with Rand al’Thor!”

Moiraine stared at her for a long time before saying, “You did use…protection, right? I mean, Rand’s kind of…potent.”

A new horror filled Siuan. It was as if she had awoken and looked in the mirror to see Egwene looking back at her. “He can’t be that potent. Can he?”

“Mwahahahahaha….ahem….He did make twins on the first go with Elayne. Siuan…? Light, woman! Fainting is for weaklings!”

Elaida knew she was there before stepping inside her rooms. It was hard not to know Cadsuane was around you. “Hello, Sister.”

The usual mirth, Elaida liked to think it was more insanity, was gone from the Green’s eyes. “You’ve been playing very dirty games, Elaida. I’m afraid I’m going to have to put a stop to them.”

“Me? Playing games? Ha!” Elaida tried to regain control of her pitch. “I have no clue as to what you are babbling on about. Shouldn’t you be out looking for a new boy to play with? Or is al’Thor still keeping you occupied?”

A wide smirk appeared on Cadsuane’s face, “Don’t pretend you know me, girl. Doing so makes you appear a bigger fool than you already are.”

After much bribing, Nynaeve agreed to Travel with Mat to Andor. Why an uncrowned queen was begging for money was strange, if slightly entertaining.”I expect my monies’ worth, Wisdom.”

“Will you stop calling me that?! I haven’t been a wisdom since…what, twelve years ago!”

“You will always be The Wisdom in my heart.”


By this point, they had reached the Lion Throne of Andor, and entered Elayne’s glare. “Why in the name of the Light are you here? Cairhien is to the east, and I don’t know where Lan’s stupid country is. But it ain’t here!”

Mat decided, since Nynaeve was busy growling, that he should answer. “You see, dear niece, I don’t think it is wise of you to give the Sun Crown to Moiraine. She shall be a mother soon, and the affairs of state might suffer.”

“Hmph! You see those brats over there?” The court looked at the brats. “If I can raise them, she can raise your runt. Better yet, you can raise it. It’s not like you have a job.”

“Band of the Red Hand!”

“Band of the Red Hand! Look at my little army! Wee! I’m a big boy!”

“You’re just jealous Rand rather share his bed with a 300 year old woman than you!”

The room filled with gasps and laughter. The gasps coming from offended nobles, the laughter from the al’ Thor brats.

“Uh, Mat?”

“Yes, Wisdom?”

“I don’t think that was such a wise thing to say.”

Lan decided it was time for Rand to know some things about life. “Rand, we need to talk.”

“Really?! You want to talk with me?”

“Um, not really, but I need to. Rand, you have children. Lots of them. More than is healthy for the rest of the human race.”

“But….Min said that I like, didn’t.”

“She lied. Women do that sometimes.”

“Whoa. How many do I have?”

“I lost count at eight. I don’t do math.”

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