Channelers and the Men Who Love Them; S1 E8 Shadow

Channelers and the Men Who Love Them

Episode Eight – Shadow

“I cannot have Rand’s baby!”

“Uh…Siuan? What’s wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with me?!” Could the fool girl be asking such a thing? “You had a viewing of me in childbirth. That’s what’s wrong with me! Really, Min, I thought you smarter than Elayne.”

“Wha….? Siuan….I had a viewing of you as a midwife. Not a mother. You reproducing is a very scary thought.”

Well now Siuan felt stupid. “Oh. Who am I a midwife too?”

“Cadsuane. How freaky is that thought?”

Cadsuane, who insisted she wasn’t ill, was behind the stables showing the ground her breakfast. Which meant Rand was left alone with The Twins. He called them that because Elayne had failed to mention their names.

“So….children….how are your studies going?”

“Are you our father the bastard?”

“Oh no, I’m not a bastard. Well, at least not in Aiel country. Like, my parents were kind of married at the time they-“

“Gah! No wonder ma doesn’t like you.”

Rand fought the urge to hit his son. Instead he said, “You’re just upset because you’re the ugly twin.” That seemed to shut him up, and when him points with the girl twin. He was going to be a great da!

Nynaeve always found a way to make Elaida’s life difficult. “Lan, you have nothing to worry about. I want nothing to do with your wife.”

“Ellie…you don’t mean that!”

“Yeah, Ellie, the three of us could have fun.”

The two woman stared at the Warder.

“Does he mean…?”


“But why would a man say such a stupid thing? Oh wait…he’s a man.”

“That, and the fact that I have him on lock out.”

To this Lan nodded furiously. “She is being very mean to me, Ellie.”

“Call me ‘Ellie’ one more time and you will never make love to anything again. Not even your own hand.”

Cairhien was filled with House Damodred’s colors of red, white, and green. People danced in the street and did less child friendly things in the alleys. Moiraine Sedai had just been crowned Queen of Cairhien, and its citizens were having a grand ole time celebrating and causing havoc. Moiraine herself wasn’t in her happy place. Thanks to the seed growing inside her, none of her old dresses fit. And almost as bad, her husband was missing.

Mat wanted to die. Elayne had kept him locked up for almost two days and he didn’t know if he could last one day longer.

“You are so weak.”

“Cadsuane? What are you doing here?”

“I…don’t…know. What are you doing here?”

“I told Elayne who Rand’s been sleeping with and she got upset or something. How’s Moiraine?”

“She’s Queen of Cairhien and Siuan Sanche’s new wife.”


“Okay I made that last part up, but a girl can dream.”

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