Channelers and the Men Who Love Them; S1 E9 If There’s Love

Channelers and the Men Who Love Them

Episode Nine – If There’s Love

The months passed quickly, changing both seasons and lives. Cairhien was flourishing, and the peoples’ joy was only amplified by the birth of Princess Tamra Cauthon Damodred. Her father, Matrim, was able to witness her birth thanks to Elayne finally getting tired of keeping him imprisoned. Rand found himself enjoying quality time with all eight of his offspring. Cadsuane was of some help, until her stomach became too large to ignore. She denied the pregnancy rumors with such passion people thought her delusional…. Or at least more delusional than before.

Cadsuane wasn’t exactly a fan of chaos, which was the only word to describe the Brats al’ Thor. She couldn’t be bothered to learn their names. In her mind, as long as they kept responding to “Hey you!” there wasn’t a problem.

“Siuan, stop staring at me.”

“Oh! I’m sorry, Cadsuane, I didn’t think you could see me.”

“Why couldn’t I?! You’re standing right in front of me!”

“Well, usually old people can’t see that…. Hey! How’s the baby?”


The Tairan actually had the gull to touch her stomach! “This baby.”

“How is it that I’m too old to see an idiot standing in front of me, but young enough to reproduce?”


“Um, speaking of idiots, I have some business with Elaida. If you’ll excuse me, Cadsuane.”

Elaida had stashed herself away in a dark room, supposedly to think. The knowledge that senile Cadsuane Melaidhrin could be onto her plans, had shaken her to the core. Of course, her plans were all but useless now that Moiraine was ruling in Cairhien. With an heir no less.

“Why are you staring at me, Siuan Sanche?”

“Damnit! How can everyone see me?!”

“I have no time for you. What do you want?”

Those cold blue eyes turned sharp as stone. “Make time. Because you and I have business to take care of.”

Elaida was near fuming. How dare this woman make demands on her! “I will do no such thing. Now. Leave me at peace, Sanche.” Siuan was suddenly surrounded by the glow of the One Power. “You plan on trying attacking me?”

“No,” she grew quiet. “I plan on succeeding.”

Thom found his resolve breaking. For a year he had been determined to break apart the marriage of Mat and Moiraine. However…. Seeing them play with their daughter forced him to think. Who was he to decide who should be with who? Who was he to take a father from a child? Who was he to think he was worthy of Moiraine?

If I can’t be her lover, I can be her bard./p>
It seemed a small role in comparison, but both allowed him to show his love.

The weave seemed to shoot out of the heavens; a stray from a battle Nynaeve could not see, only sense. But she sensed this weave too late. It struck her full on, ripping a scream all the village could hear.

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