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My reaction to finally discovering what Moiraine sees in Thom

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  • 2 weeks later...

They have been rummaging through her experiences, making her relive them in the form of dreams that seem like real life, raping her mind in effect. They concentrated on things that engendered strong emotion, whether love or hate or fear of whatever, so long as it is strong. The point is to feed off the engendered emotion. When repetition dulls the emotion, they would alter the events to make the emotions strong again. They always made these changes in slow increments, just enough to strengthen the emotion again without wasting any. Example: Lan dumped in the pond, first just as it really happened, then he became rougher at it until [he] beat her first, and she was so shocked she could not channel; then he made love to her; then he raped her; then she killed him. Slow progressions through possibilities, however improbable they were in reality, just so long as they intensify the emotions. They could not introduce things outside of her memory – for example, somebody she has never seen – but anything in there already could be rearranged any way they wanted. Example: she could as a grown woman watch her mother (dead before she reached adulthood) plot and execute the murder of her father (who died in battle when she was a child) with a collection of people glimpsed during her travels.

This is the same thing that was done to Lanfear, until she was “rescued” by Moridin/Ishamael.

One set of memories never had to be heightened or changed. Memories of Thom always produced as strong an emotion every time, just as they were. She thinks they are what have kept her sane. She is surprised that years have not passed.

...She has fallen in love with Thom Merrilin, in part for what she claims is a foolish reason: He makes her laugh.


Why is it, that whenever a female character is in need of punishment, or degredation or just something to alter her character arc, she ends up being f*****g raped? Like I have sooo many issues with this, even if it is "mind rape." I hated it in GoT, and I hate it here, and I'm glad it wasn't expanded on in the books (even if it would have explained why she was so stand-offish with Lan).

It also seems incredulous that Moiraine is so in love with Thom , that his memories are protected, but those of her parents aren't? And Lan, like even if it wasn't romantic, I can't imagine she travelled with him for so long without loving him. I hate this trope that romantic love trumps all other kinds. Especially with the insta-love that RJ was so fond of, like we barely see any developing relationship between Moiraine and Thom, she gone for...7 books? and then they're madly in love. Come on. Neither of them are young enough, or naieve enough that that seems likely. He also never seemed that funny.

Also, the fact that the same thing was done to Lanfear and yet she still comes out obsessed with Rand/Lews Therin really raises some issues.

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I'll comment on the rape thing later, but I'm still caught up on how she apparently has multiple memories of Thom. How?! When?! While Nynaeve was feeding Lan bad food, were her and Thom bumping uglies?? 

It would explain Thom's thought during their game of houses battle about how Moiraine had all the grace a man could want including laughing at his quips... Like how do you know this. When did she do that. 

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