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Siuan and Moiraine

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Chapter 8: The Aftermath



Moiraine had been confined within the four walls of her new room for the last five hours. Compared to what she had been sleeping in for the past year, her room now - though not as big as her own room in Cairhien - is like a palace. She can now comfortably lie in her own bed, a bed that could fit her and Siuan together with enough space for snuggling. Now, where did that thought come from? Blushing, Moiraine tried to close her eyes and think of something else. She tried to banish Siuan's beautiful face but to no avail. Forgetting the feel of Siuan's breath, her stare and her voice calling Moiraine is like trying to forget one's own name. She just can't.


"Burn that woman for making me feel this way," Moiraine swore to herself. She was not used to swearing in front of people or anywhere they could possibly hear. But like everyone else, she swear, a lot. Pushing herself up, she stretched her arms and rubbed both her eyes. The aftermath of her testing had left her crying alone for hours, the test - though unreal - gave off feelings and emotions that are very difficult to dismiss even in the real world. Nothing seem to stop her from crying silently with no one to hear her but the walls of her room, but then she remembered that Siuan would be arriving soon from the test and it would make her worried to see Moiraine all red-eyed and crying like a wimp.


Channeling a trickle of Saidar, enough to light the lamp situated on her round table with carvings of roses in its legs, she directed the flows used in lighting it. Even with just a trickle of the One Power, Moiraine felt alive. She yearn to draw more than she could really handle but a year of practice and warnings from Aes Sedai and Accepted alike made her control that stupendous feeling of yearning. She let go of Saidar with a sigh and a slight touch of regret, grabbed a chair and sat.


Glancing at her two huge windows, she could catch a glimpse of the whole span of Tar Valon. Night had settled in, and she had already eaten whatever she could force herself to take in for dinner. Night had settled in and a lot of the Accepted had already went on their own rooms to read, do some advance studies, and even sleep. Night had settled in and still, no Siuan had arrived in the Accepted's quarters. With the settling of the night, a foreboding started to creep in into Moiraine's system. What if Siuan hadn't survived the test? What if she would be forever gone? What if she really can't be with her? Such thoughts made her remember how hopeless she was while watching the Siuan in her tests die with her doing nothing. It would be the same for her if Siuan won't be back - she, Moiraine Damodred, can't do anything.


No! Siuan Sanche! You will be back! For the love of Light! You will be back and we will have a long talk between us! Moiraine thought. Touching the edges of her table with such force that her knuckles turned white and her joints creaked, Moiraine tried to calm her thoughts. She tried to dismiss the fear that Siuan will no longer be with her. Shaking her head, she started making herself believe that everything will be fine.


I was able to pass and gain the ring. If I can, Siuan can too. She's made of tougher stuffs and has a stronger will-power. She will be back, soon.


Moiraine tried to calm herself again for the second time but to no avail. Her heart seem to burst because of the force of its beatings. She needs to see Siuan, and now. If Siuan is not back within a few moments, if she doesn't knock in a few moments, Moiraine will search for her until someone tells her that Siuan is fine and back from the testing. Nodding to herself, Moiraine stood up and readied herself for the search. Fixing her hair, running a few strokes of her brush to her hair, she went outside.


"This is better than waiting." Moiraine told herself. She expected no one in the hallway this time of night since half of the Accepted would be in the kitchen eating or in their rooms - sleeping or studying - that she almost stopped in her tracks when she saw Merean Sedai ushering Elaida for the testing of the shawl.


"Come child, the tower demands your presence since you will be tested for the shawl in hopes that you will be able to become Aes Sedai." Merean Sedai said. Catching a glimpse of Moiraine in her tracks, she gave Moiraine a curt nod. Elaida, very docile in front of the Aes Sedai, raised her head and saw Moiraine as well. And as Merean Sedai started to walk towards the opposite direction, Elaida gave her a look that made her feel naked and annoyed at the same time. Blushing furiously at the impudence of the other Accepted, she gave her coolest and most refined stare at Elaida. Smirking at her, Elaida raised an eyebrow, turned her back from Moiraine, followed the dying footsteps of Merean Sedai with never a backward glance at her.


"So, she will be tested for the shawl now. Too bad, I wouldn't be able to match my wit against hers. With her being full of air about how good she is. It would be great to see how far that Elaida could go." Moiraine whispered more to herself as the last trace of the dying steps of the two women were gone living her alone in the deserted hallway.


"Elaida is one tough fish, and being as strong as her in the One Power wouldn't help you match her in terms of experience. Remember she had been Accepted long before the two of us. And to think of it, we just became Accepted Moiraine." Someone said behind Moiraine's back that left her stunned and rooted to the spot. That accent, that pitch, and that Tairen fisherman language is something Moiraine will never mistake for someone else. Slowly turning around, bracing herself for what she will see, she gave a gasped and almost knocked the other woman in front of her down.


"Oh Siuan!" Moiraine whimpered, as she gave Siuan a full blown hug.


"Ugh!" Siuan groaned as the full weight of Moiraine almost made her off-balanced.


Cupping Siuan's face in both her hands, Moiraine had tears in her eyes, "I thought you wouldn't come back! I know you're a strong woman but I was really scared Siuan. I was so scared."


Touching her face already streaming down with tears, Siuan smiled at her, "Hush now Moiraine. We better talk somewhere private about . . ." looking around, and feeling unsure of herself, Moiraine noticed, Siuan continued, " . . . about some important matters. Would you mind?"


"Oh, sure. Come." Moiraine said, too eagerly, her heart beating faster than it ever had. Once inside her room, Moiraine locked her own door to prevent intruders from knocking in and entering when they are not wanted. Moiraine doesn't know why but her being confined in this room with no one else but Siuan made her knees weak and her whole being feel like being deep in ice cold water.


"Whoa! This is huge!" Siuan said like a child out for her very first tour of a grand city. Siuan, no matter how tough she looks like on the outside could get so naive at times as well. This childlike demeanor of hers is one of the thousand things that had made Moiraine love her deeply. Smiling to herself, Moiraine was happy to know that Siuan is back.


"You should take a seat Siuan, I know you're tired." Moiraine said, sitting at the edge of her own bed. Looking at her, Siuan's demeanor suddenly changed. Siuan looked at her the way she had never looked at Moiraine before. Love could easily be seen in Siuan's blue eyes, but now there's something else. Fear.


"What's wrong Siuan?" Moiraine asked the tall woman.


"I . . . the test . . . " Siuan said, her voice becoming hoarse and throaty.


"The test, Siuan, do you need someone to talk to?" Moiraine asked Siuan. Fool woman! Of course Siuan needs someone to talk to. She needs you.


Disregarding her question Siuan covered the distance dividing them, kneeling in front of Moiraine. Looking at the woman's blue eyes, Moiraine gasped. Siuan is crying, again. Tears are streaming down those beautiful eyes of hers. Not knowing what to do, Moiraine wiped away those tears streaming down Siuan's face. As if uncaring, Siuan grabbed hold of Moiraine's hand in a gentle grasp.


"I will never leave you Moiraine. Never. I . . ." Siuan said, closing her eyes for a little while and opening them after a few moments, " . . . light . . . I will always be by your side. Always."


"Siuan . . . I know you will." Moiraine said, looking gently at the woman crying in front of her, "And I will always be here, by your side. I promise you that. Hush now, don't cry."


Siuan slowly moved the hand she was holding and gently placed it in front of her lips and laid a soft kiss on Moiraine's dainty hands. Siuan's action moved Moiraine's heart, and she was left lost for words.


"S . . . Siuan." Moiraine said in a whisper.


"I . . . I . . ." Siuan said, swallowing her words.


"I love you Siuan." Moiraine said, her heart was about to burst because of what she just blurted out. Now, she has to face Siuan's reaction to what she just said and this time around, nothing will stop her from facing the truth of what she really is for Siuan.


Blue eyes looking intently at her, Siuan cupped her face and lowered her lips to Moiraine's. As soon as their lips touched, Moiraine felt her heart actually bursting in thousands of little crystals. The kiss Siuan gave her was only fleeting. But it was enough to turn her on and yearn for more. It was Moiraine's turn to grab hold of Siuan's head as the other tried to stop kissing her.


"Moraine . . ." Siuan said in between their kisses, "I . . . ugh!" Pushing Moiraine gently away, Siuan smiled and said, "I love you. Say you love me too, again."


"I love you too Siu -" The words were left unsaid as Siuan kissed her again, more thoroughly than before. Moiraine lost all her inhibitions when she felt Siuan's tongue prying her lips open. Showing her obedience, Moiraine parted her lips. And as Siuan started to fill her up, Moiraine felt as if she was actually floating and burning at the same time. She had been so focused with Siuan's kisses that she was shocked when she suddenly felt Siuan's weight on top of her. As if sensing the shock that enveloped her, Siuan stopped.


"Moiraine? I . . . do you . . ." swallowing Siuan couldn't continue what she was about to ask but Moiraine understood.


"No . . . please Siuan? Please?" Moraine said in between deep intake of breaths.


"What?" Siuan asked in a husky voice.


Encircling Siuan's waist with her limbs, causing the other woman to be pulled towards her already damped Accepted dress, Moiraine said, "Please Siuan? Don't stop. Whatever is happening between us now, please? Don't stop. For if you do, I will hit your head down until next winter. I promise you that, my love."


Brushing a gentle kiss to Moiraine's lips, Siuan smiled while tracing Moiraine's face with long fingers down to her collar bone, and said, "I won't, my love."













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Chapter 9: A Winter Morning


The night passed in silence and melancholy and morning came. As the first light of dawn reaches the huge windows of Moiraine's room, a sliver of it touches Siuan's face, waking her up. As the first rays of sunlight touched her and blinded her eyes, Siuan slowly eased herself up. One look around made Siuan remember everything that had happened the night before - things that made her blush furiously despite herself. Slowly moving around the bed, careful not to loosen the sheets that cover her entire nakedness, she cannot help but stare at the other woman sleeping beside her. Moiraine Damodred, her best friend sleeps like a newborn babe, naked as the day she was born. Cairhienin propriety can no longer hold her as it used to when it comes to Siuan. She had seen everything that Moiraine could possibly hide; seen, tasted, even touched. With that thought, Siuan blushed furiously again.


Oh light! We did it didn't we? We just did it. Facing Moiraine's sleeping face, Siuan started to touched the other woman's countenance, from her face down to the curves of her body. Sighing, Siuan pulled herself away from Moiraine's enticing position. Slowly and surely, Siuan started to get out of bed, careful not to pull the sheets with her, and careful not to wake Moiraine. Walking naked, Siuan started to look around for her shift, rummaging through the clothes sprawled all over the floor, she grabbed her shift. Before wearing it, she gave the sleeping Moiraine one look but blushed when she saw Moiraine awake and smiling at her with lips that are full because of her rigorous kissing the other night.


"I see, you're already awake Moiraine." Siuan said, hastily covering herself with her shift while trying to smile at the same time.


"Yes I am. With you moving around like an ogier who could . . . possibly keep on sleeping Siuan." Moiraine said in between her yawns.


"What? I - hey! I moved as stealthily as I could just so you could sleep that peacefully and Moiraine! I do not move like an ogier, you little . . . you!" Siuan said, forgetting her nakedness, walking straight - stalking - towards the laughing Moiraine.


"I know! It's just that . . . Siuan not there! Oh light not there!" Moiraine almost shouted, laughing herself out as Siuan tried tickling her in the most unusual places. Siuan really knows now where she tends to be so ticklish, her sides and somewhere else. Breathing heavily, Moiraine tried to stop Siuan with what she's doing, "Please . . . not there."


Putting her weight on top of Moiraine, Siuan looked at the woman intently. "Why not?"


"Because . . ." Moiraine swallowed before continuing, ". . . I'm feeling ticklish."


Looking at Moiraine, Siuan smiled and slowly moved away from the other woman. It had been a busy night for the two of them and Siuan knows that Moiraine had been really tired, after all they had spent the whole night learning each other like they never did before.


"Siuan? I . . ." Moiraine said, worry creasing her face. It is apparent that Moiraine is scared that she may have offended Siuan in some way.


"Shh. It's alright Moiraine. I know you're tired, what with last night. I will not force you. I, well, it's alright." Siuan said, smiling.


"Are you sure?" Moiraine asked.


"I am, you little lady. I love you." Siuan said, walking at the side of Moiraine's bed and sat, touching Moiraine's beautiful face.


"I love you too." Moiraine said, smiling.


Siuan smiled back, looking at nothing but Moiraine's face. As if unable to control herself anymore, Moiraine enclosed Siuan in a tight embrace.


"Oh light! I thought that last night was just a dream. I was scared that once I wake up I would be back in my novice room with nothing but my pillow to keep me from feeling alone. But then, but then . . . I opened my eyes and you were there. And then I thought, I will never regret what happened for the rest of my life. Siuan, thank you." Moiraine said in a muffled voice, burying her face in Siuan's shift, smelling the very scent of Siuan.


"Thanks for what?" Siuan asked, smiling despite herself. It had never occurred to her that Moiraine will feel something like fear of realizing that everything had been just a dream. She had never expected that Moiraine will feel the same way as well.


"For loving me." Moiraine answered, burying herself more in Siuan's womanly scent.


"Now, the arrogant Cairhienin lady of House Damodred, cannot make herself face me while saying that she's thankful that I love her. It makes me want to laugh like a loony." Siuan jokingly said while nudging Moiraine on her side.


"Ooh! Siuan, stop that, it tickles." Moiraine said, slowly pushing her face away from Siuan. "And who told you I am arrogant? I was never arrogant Sanche." Moiraine added an emphasis on Siuan's last name, sitting straighter.


"Well, you are Moiraine. Being born in the Sun Palace and all? Of course, arrogance is engraved into your very skin." Siuan said smiling.


"If I am arrogant, what are you then? You make arrogance - the way you describe it - look like a red carp beside a lion fish, is that how you will say it in a Tairen's way?" Moiraine said with a nasty grin directed at Siuan.


Snorting, Siuan answered back, "Oh ho! No Moiraine. You know I am not arrogant. Don't make it sound like it's the other way around."


"No Siuan, I am not. I am just stating a fact." Moiraine smiled.


"Nah! I am somewhat rough along the edges but I am not arrogant. You are . . ." Siuan said, putting a finger in Moiraine's lips stopping whatever the other woman will say, continued, " . . . but, I love you that way. Arrogance oozing at your veins and at another, humility, gentleness and sweet. What can I say. I just love you that way."


"Right Siuan, stop being too sweet. Alright." Moiraine said, blushing. "I could get used to it and I'm telling you . . . you wouldn't like it." Moiraine added jokingly.


"Nah! But that's what I want. Getting used of me being this sweet to you." Siuan said.


"Who would have thought that Siuan - the rough and tough - could be this gentle and this sweet?" Moiraine said, touching Siuan's face.


"Moiraine, can I ask you something?" Siuan asked.


"Uh-uh, you may ask anything of me." Moiraine answered, looking at nothing but Siuan and at the same time, making herself lean on the wall.


"What are we now Moiraine? Are we still friends?" Siuan asked, choosing her words carefully. This is the first time that she would be talking to Moiraine about something that technically doesn't include the Tower, its laws, their lessons and everything that is connected to becoming Aes Sedai; their feelings for one another.


"Now, that's a weird question, something that is not so you Siuan." Moiraine said, crossing her arms in front of her, causing the sheets to slide down to her waist and making her breasts look fuller and more inviting if possible.


"Well . . ." Siuan was lost for words, she cannot assume too much this time. Being this intimate with Moiraine and sharing things that she had never considered sharing with no one else but a lover cannot be enough to make her say that what they're sharing now is more than what an ordinary friend could share with another. It is better that she hears it from Moiraine herself. In that way, Siuan's conscience and feeling would totally be free from guilt and fear.


"Do friends kiss each other the way we do?" Moiraine continued, not waiting for Siuan to finish talking.


"N-no." Siuan answered back.


"Good. Do friends share intimate moments with one another, the way we just did?" Moiraine continued asking.


"No Moiraine, no." Siuan answered, her heart beating faster.


"Do friends tell one another that they love each other the way we do?" Moiraine asked again.


"No, normal friends do not." Siuan said, smiling sheepishly.


"If that is the case Siuan, then what are we?" Moiraine asked, keeping her arms crossed, staring intently but gently at Siuan.


"We are lovers, in love." Siuan said, smiling openly now.


"Good." Moiraine said, keeping a straight face in front of Siuan.


"Good? That's all you're going to say?" Siuan said, frowning incredulously.


"Yes. You deserve that for making me feel nervous." Moiraine answered.


"No I did not." Siuan said, slowly.


"Oh, yes you did." Moiraine answered, raising her chin in a nobly manner.


"Oh . . . alright, alright, I did. But Moiraine, I want to hear it from you." Siuan said in a resigned voice.


"Hear what?" Moiraine asked.


"There you go again Moiraine, acting as if . . ." Siuan said.


"Hear what Siuan?" Moiraine asked, firmer this time.


"I want to hear that I am the most precious person to you, and that what we have is something more than being just best friends. If you know what I mean." Siuan said as fast as she could, not even stopping to catch her breath.


"Oh Siuan. You're cute." Moiraine said, hugging her as tight as Moiraine's strength would allow her to.


"Well, I guess it is all clear now. The bell sounded for the second time already, and being Accepted, we cannot allow ourselves to be late." Siuan said while hugging Moiraine back.


"The second already?" Moiraine said, her voice not worried at all.


"Yes. We need to choose the subjects we should take soon, and we need to discuss them as well, my love." Siuan said.


"Oh yes. The choosing. We need to make a choice soon or the choosing will be done for us, and we wouldn't want that, love." Moiraine said adding the word love in a sweet way.


"Precisely" Siuan answered back, smiling.


"Alright then." Getting out of bed, Moiraine seem to realize for the first time that she's downright naked. Looking at Siuan and noticing her watching Moiraine's nakedness, blushing furiously, the latter said, "Now Siuan, I know we did it and all that . . . but . . ."


"But?" Siuan asked.


Mustering all the Aes Sedai calmness and icy coolness that befits Moiraine of House Damodred, "I know you had seen, even touched and kissed every part of me but could you please turn around and don't watch while I fix myself and Siuan! Siuan! Stop laughing you nasty, mean woman!" Moiraine added with her face turning red as her pale skin could allow her too while throwing a pillow at a laughing Siuan.


For them, life could never have been this perfect nor good.


Oh yes. Life can never be this good Siuan Sanche, never. Siuan thought while laughing her heart out.













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Awww you skipped over the really good part ;) But anyways this chapter was cute. It's hard for me to imagine Siuan calling Moiraine things like "my love", but I still found it adorable that she called her "little lady" and that Moiraine was all shy about being naked in front of her.


But such a happy ending for this chapter makes me suspect bad things are going to happen to them soon.... =/ Thanks for writing and sharing. :flower:

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Chapter 10: Evil lurks



"You can run but you can never hide."


Darkness. Wherever she go there's nothing but darkness. It had been like ages since she last stopped to catch her breath. She fears that on her next stop, she will never be given the chance to run again. Where is she? She doesn't have an idea, she cannot seem to remember how she got here. And that voice? Who owns that voice and why is she running away from that one? Getting tired of endless running, she halted and hastily turned around, straining her ears, trying to define the sound that only silence could give.


Nothing. How in the world did it happen? One time she was running breathless from a woman's voice and then suddenly there's nothing but darkness and silence.


"Now, this is weird." The woman said more to herself. "I am sure there's this woman and now . . ."


" . . . and now?" Said a woman's voice.


With eyes turning wide in shock, she turned around and saw a woman wearing something white with a silver belt somewhere. Or was it even silver? Squinting, the woman try to look at the white countenance and as she tried to look deeper she noticed black smoke wafting through the whole countenance of the woman shrouding her features all too well for prying eyes.


"Who are you?" She asked.


"It does not concern you Accepted." The woman answered in a very brisked way.


She knows? How could this woman know who she is or rather, what she is? Unless, her uncle had sent for this woman to follow her and see her to her death! At the thought of that, anger replaced the fear that had started to bubble up in her.


"It does concern me! Who are you?! Let yourself be known!" She said in a cold voice.


"I do not need to repeat myself to you Accepted. You are destined for great things and I mean to use you." The mysterious woman said.


"Use me? No one uses a Damodred. No one!" She shouted.


"I will use whoever I want! And in whatever way I want! Do you hear me?!" The mysterious woman said in cold fury.


"Do you even know who you're talking to? I am . . ." She said in controlled fury.


"You are Moiraine Damodred, the niece of Laman Damodred, the King of Cairhien. An Accepted of the White Tower of this Age's so-called Aes Sedai. You . . . do you know who I am?" The woman asked her.


Swallowing, Moiraine tried to calm herself. That dread that something is wrong started to creep up into her. Now where is she? The last thing she remembered is that she's lying beside Siuan, sleeping the summer's heat. Could this be a test for the ring? No. It's impossible, she had been tested for that a year and almost a half ago. This is real, and she knows she could die here wherever here is.


"What do you want?" Moiraine asked the woman.


"Whatever you can offer me." The mysterious woman answered.


"Well then, you can't possibly want something from me since I cannot offer you anything. You can go ask someone else." Moiraine said, trying to sound brave.


Turning her back she felt something cold enveloping her heart, making her give off cold sweats. She had the feeling that one wrong move and her heart will be crushed into pieces by that thing that threateningly gives cold sensation directly at her heart.


"MIERIN!" A cold voice of a man sounded in the distance and at the mention of the mysterious name, the cold sensation was gone. Even without it, Moiraine couldn't move. Something in that name rings a bell in her distant memory. Mierin, that name. Who owns that again? As if to ask the mysterious woman, she turned around and was shocked to find no one out there.


I am dreaming. I need to go back! How did I arrive here?! I need to go back! Siuan is beside me, sleeping. I need to -"


A sudden lurching and shifting of the ground made her lose control and Moiraine almost tumbled over. Looking around she found out that she was somewhere she's not familiar with. A fireplace that never give off heat, a table and two high back chairs, and four steps away from her, a door left ajar. Leaving the bizarre scene of the whole room, Moiraine went straight to the door and looked. The woman she saw a moment ago was there with a man wearing black. They seem to be having an argument over something the man consider very important.


"You shouldn't have done that. You had just been freed from the turning, and you cannot let your emotions overcome your reason." The man said.


"I am trying to keep my patience in reign and order, but it is difficult. I had waited for so long. Three thousand years of being sealed into the bore, into that dark abyss, had made me become weary of waiting." The mysterious woman answered.


"Three thousand years. You had endured for three thousand years, can't you wait for twenty-two more years? A little more time and everything will fall into place. The Dark Lord has plans we need to make sure will come true if we want to win this war. In time, he will be reborn and soon, the Final Battle will commence again." The man said.


"Twenty-two more years? Isn't that too long? If we can find him, if we can have him the moment he's born then maybe we need not wait for twenty-two more years? We can have him playing in our hands. Oh! I can and I will know who he is even if he's just a newborn. You see, I had marked him as mine, and forever he will be." The mysterious woman said.


Laughing a very evil laugh, the man said, "And what? Have him for yourself? No. The order is clear, we have to wait. Letting you have your way with him is as good as saying that we will lose this one. No. We will wait until the Dragon is reborn again and -"


"You!" The mysterious woman looked straight at the door, staring at Moiraine with anger that distorted her beautiful face. Moiraine, at the mention of the Dragon backed away and toppled into one of the high back chairs of the table at the center of the room. Shouting for her life, Moiraine tried to run as she slowly feel the whole place twirling and turning into a hazy canvass as if everything is in a blur, while hearing the shouts of the man.


"Mierin! No! We need that woman! Noooo!"











"Moiraine? Moiraine? Are you alright?"


"-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Moiraine shouted as she opened her eyes.


"Moiraine. It's alright. It's alright. You're having a nightmare again." Siuan said, hugging her, wiping her sweat off her nakedness.


"Siuan. Oh light!" Moiraine said, burying herself in Siuan's embrace.


"Hush. It's alright. It's just one bloody nightmare again. I know you're thirsty, wait here while I get a glass of water and -" Siuan said, starting to clamber out of their bed when Moiraine grabbed hold of Siuan, making the latter stop and looked at her worriedly.


"No! Just stay here Siuan, beside me. I am so scared. There's this woman and . . ." Moiraine said, frowning in a face of perfect confusion. What was the dream all about again? Something horrible. Something she feels like she must never forget if she wish to survive.


" . . . and?" Siuan asked, worry creasing her forehead.


"And . . . oh light! Why can't I remember?! Something evil Siuan." Moiraine said, clutching Siuan's shoulders, gripping them with shaking hands.


"That's why it's called a nightmare Moiraine, it's bound to be evil. But whatever it is, it's not real. I guess, it's better that you don't remember. You need rest, we need to wake up early. Vandene Sedai will be displeased with us if we're late. So, take a deep breath and close your eyes now. Don't worry, I am here beside you, I will guard you. No harm will come to you Moiraine. I promise." Siuan said, laying Moiraine gently in their bed, clutching the edge of their blanket, she slowly covers Moiraine's nakedness and hers as they try to settle down for the night.


"Thank you Siuan. I love you." Moiraine said in a muffled voice as she try to enclosed herself in Siuan's body, making herself be wrapped up by the Tairen's loving embrace.


"I love you too Moiraine. Now, sleep. And tomorrow we have a lot of things to accomplish." Siuan said, slowly closing her eyes. But she cannot let herself fall asleep. How can she tell Moiraine the dream she just had? A dream of a woman named Mierin. A name which, moments after she woke from that terrifying dream, she heard the sleeping Moiraine utter? Could they be sharing the same nightmare this time? Impossible. And with that thought of being born. What is that?


Why do I have a feeling that this is not just a mere coincidence? I must find out the meaning of this, if I yearn to protect Moiraine and myself from whatever force that keeps us from sleeping peacefully. I must. I have a feeling something evil is going on.


Closing her eyes, Siuan let herself drift into a deep slumber.









"You must not do that again." The man said to the woman clad in white.


"What?" The mysterious woman asked.


"I said, you must not do that again. Losing your patience, lashing out in anger. You could destroy the Great Lord's plan! And with it, destroy us all! Your emotions always get the best of you at times Mierin. Three thousand years of being locked up didn't change that." The man said.


"Don't you call me by that name! I am Lanfear! And I will have no other name." The woman who calls herself Lanfear said.


"Be that as it may. You must not do that again. And don't try playing with the two women and their dreams. No matter how deep you probe in their subconscious and unconscious being, you will find nothing. I tell you, they know nothing of Lews Therin. They are just mere tools the pattern will use against the Great Lord's plans. Nothing else." The man said.


"Against the Great Lord's plans. Then we should snuff them out of the pattern. Why stop me Ishamael?" Lanfear asked.


"Because snuffing them out of the Pattern will not give us the reassurance of victory! Snuffing those two women out can result to a change in the turnings of the wheel of time! And if that happens, even the prophecies will not come true. They play an important role in fulfilling each of the prophecies! And we need the prophecies to come true before moving into full force. You can snuff them out once we have what we need and NEVER before that!" Ishamael answered in a tight voice.


"Fulfillment of the prophecies?! Are you out of your mind Ishamael? Fulfillment of one or two of the prophecies could mean destruction to all of the Chosen! And that includes you and me." Lanfear said.


"No, it won't. We need the Dragon to fight the Last Battle. In defeating him, we will have the world for ourselves. But if the Dragon cannot fulfill even one prophecy it could mean a different turn of events and maybe, just maybe, there will be no more worlds to rule. Do you understand Lanfear? For if you don't, then I will have to dispatch you. And I don't want that." Ishamael asked.


Smiling, Lanfear reached out for the Power and wove a gateway into somewhere else, leaving Ishamael alone with her few words. "We'll see."


Never looking at the place where Lanfear's gateway stood before winking out, Ishamael thought to himself, "Oh yes Lanfear. We will see. We'll see how many of the Chosen will reach the Last Battle. We'll see how long you could last in this game." Smiling, Ishamael wove his own gateway and stepped into nothingness, leaving the two women - Moiraine Damodred and Siuan Sanche - sleeping soundly in their room.












TBC (Or should I end it here? :D )

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Wow, that took me by surprise. I was definitely not expecting Lanfear to show up so early. But it's kinda cool to think the Shadow knows how awesome Moiraine is going to be. :razz: Keep going please! I want to see more drama. Still waiting to see a Moiraine/Elaida bitchfight. :twisted:

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Chapter 11: The Twin Sisters




Knocking at a huge door in one of the rooms of the White Tower, Moiraine Damodred and Siuan Sanche waited for a response before entering. Looking at one another, the two women tried to suppress a smile as they congratulate themselves for coming earlier than usual for Vandene Sedai's lectures. Now, the said Aes Sedai, together with her sister Adeleas had already retired a long time ago but they can still be seen in the tower from time to time and the two Accepted bet that it is because of some strict orders of the current Amyrlin Seat, Tamra Ospenya.


"Come in." A cool voice said behind the huge door. Giving each other a look of satisfaction, the two women entered.


The room is circular in shape and books are meticulously aligned in rows from one portion of the room while different types of swords and battle axes are hanged in the entire wall of the room. A single but huge window was the only way one could vent inside the room. And one look in its position, the two women could vow that it is directly above the training grounds of young men who aspire to become warders. A fitting place for a Green.


Giving a curtsy, the two women waited for the Aes Sedai to acknowledge their presence before doing anything else. On the other hand, the Aes Sedai seem unaware of the fact that two Accepted are already waiting for her to give further instructions. Worried, Siuan looked sideways at Moiraine and was glad to see that Moiraine is worried as well despite the fact that nothing could be seen from the woman's face. Being with Moiraine, Siuan had known where to look for signs of anger, worry and even fear. If Moiraine is feeling a sense of anger, all Siuan has to do is look for those little fingers of hers slightly twitching as if wanting to strangle whoever Moiraine is angry with. If it's fear, she tends to stand straighter with her chin almost touching the ceiling - something Siuan bet, is used to cover up for her little lady's lack of height. And if it's worry, Moiraine tends to place her hands in front of her dress and tap her other fingers from time to time - which she is doing right now.


Giving a snort, soft enough for only Moiraine to hear, Siuan tried to control her features as the other woman wearing the Accepted dress looked at her. As if her little lady understood what she was snorting awhile ago, the other woman gave her a shake of the head and watched the Aes Sedai who promised to give them extra lessons. Schooling herself, Siuan directed her attention to the matter at hand.


What in the sea of storms is wrong with Vandene Sedai? She promised to teach us extra lessons and here we are staring, waiting, like fishermen hoping for a boat full of fish! I hate waiting, really.


Siuan's attention was diverted when she heard Moiraine giggled softly. Looking at the other woman, she saw what Moiraine is giggling at - her. As if to answer the look of question in her face, Moiraine made a face of staring like a statue at her with brown eyes widening and becoming as round and as stern as she can; one look at Moiraine, anyone can laugh out loud. She knows where Moiraine is getting at. She's bloody trying to get even with me snorting at her that she tries to mimic me. But I don't stare like a lout back at Vandene Sedai! Moiraine! Looking intently at Moiraine, she gave the other woman a look that says Moiraine will pay for it later and rolling her eyes, Siuan diverted her attention from Moiraine to the Aes Sedai.


Something is wrong. Vandene Sedai tend to start with her lecture as soon as we gave our curtsies. Could this be Adeleas Sedai? No. Impossible. There are news in the Accepted quarters that Adeleas Sedai left her sister to go somewhere else. Well, for one thing, news in the Accepted quarters are always started off by Sheriam. No, no no! Even Merean Sedai confirmed it. Now, what's bloody wrong with this old, stingy fish?


As if the heavens heard her, or the stingy fish heard her, a woman wearing a green dress as dark as the other Aes Sedai in front of them is wearing smiled at them.


"I see you had arrived already. Adeleas, I told you to call me sister once Sanche and Damodred arrives." the woman in the green dress said to the Aes Sedai.


"What? Oh yes, forgive me Vandene. I was looking for that book written by Nedeal, sister, have you seen it?" Adeleas Sedai answered.


Looking at them, Vandene Sedai pointed to a settee filled with books and manuscripts ordering them to take their seats and wait for further instructions. Directing her attention to her sister, Vandene grabbed one of the thick leather bound book lying on top of one of the neatly arranged row of books.


Grabbing the books and manuscripts on top of the settee, Siuan placed them neatly beside them. Taking a seat, Moiraine touched her hand. Looking at Moiraine, Siuan frowned.


"They really look the same, right?" Moiraine asked Siuan.


Nodding, Siuan took a seat also, beside Moiraine.


"But they have a difference. You just have to know where to look for it." Siuan said, more to herself than to Moiraine.


"A difference? They're almost the same Siuan, almost." Moiraine whispered.


"So, you said it yourself, almost." Siuan answered back.


Raising an eyebrow at her, Moiraine asked, "Tell me then, what do you think is the difference everyone should be able to see at first glance?"


Sighing, Siuan glanced at the two Aes Sedai and said, "For one, Adeleas Sedai is half an inch shorter than Vandene Sedai. Second, Adeleas Sedai is more flaccid in moving compared to Vandene Sedai - you can see how soft Adeleas Sedai is and how swift and sure the movements of Vandene Sedai are. And lastly, their voice differs a lot. One's face can be changed but never the voice Moiraine. Never. If all signs failed you, listen to the voice for it will give a person away. Always."


"Very good observation Sanche. Very good indeed." Adeleas Sedai said.


Siuan was caught off guard by the sudden comment made by the Aes Sedai and blushed. It's not everyday that Siuan let people hear what she say much less people she is referring about.


"Oh." was all Siuan said.


"Tut-tut! Vandene, I thought these two Accepted are promising ones?" Adeleas asked her sister.


"Oh, they are Adeleas. More often than not, they are." Vandene said, taking a seat at the couch just beside the settee.


"Then I expect these Accepted to feel proud when praises are being directed at them. I remember in our days . . ." Adeleas stopped whatever she's about to say, and Siuan glanced at her to know what made her stop. What Siuan saw made her blush furiously. Adeleas Sedai is looking at her, smiling.


"I remember in our days, Accepted carry themselves as if they are Aes Sedai already but never forgetting that they still need to gain the shawl before overstepping Aes Sedai themselves. Now, what I see are little novices wearing that ring and the banded white dress. Is the tower being slowly reduced to such incompetency?" Adeleas asked.


Vandene hid a smile, she can fully see the effect of such words to the two Accepted. Siuan Sanche's blush is slowly changing into something else - fury perhaps - because of being commented upon as someone not worthy of being an Accepted. Moiraine Damodred as well. She could see where it will lead her sister into, but Vandene just smiled and let her sister do the talking.


"Now, you should learn to prevent yourselves from being intimidated by others. Time will come and you will become Aes Sedai and you cannot allow yourselves to be intimidated by kings and queens, or by others like you. You are what you are, and someday you will do great things. Show me what you've got. Prove to everyone that you deserve to wear that ring, because if you cannot then maybe you're not worthy of the shawl at all." Adeleas said.


"It is not intimidation that prevents us from answering you Adeleas Sedai. It is out of respect. And -" Moiraine started to say but was cut off short by Adeleas.


"Respect cannot only be seen in silence Accepted, respect can be seen by making the person talking to you feel like she is your equal - not in power - but in terms of dignity. I gave you a civil word thus I demand one in return. But what does your friend did? She just stared at me, blushing furiously. If I am not mistaken, Sanche is known for her sharp tongue and sharp wits. Don't tell me, I am mistaken." Adeleas asked again.


Nudging Siuan at her side, Moiraine gave her the look that she must speak now. Sighing, Siuan looked straight at Adeleas' ageless Aes Sedai face and said, "Forgive me Adeleas Sedai, it is not everyday that I receive such a praise from an Aes Sedai like you. If I had displeased you Aes Sedai, you can give me any punishment you deem right and I will accept it wholeheartedly but if not, please tell me so."


Nodding to herself, Adeleas answered, "No problem." And with that, Adeleas Sedai grabbed the leather bound book she had been looking for since the two young women entered and touching her sister's hand, went out without giving them a glance.


"So, you've met my sister now." Vandene Sedai said.


Smiling, Moiraine gave the Aes Sedai a nod and answered, "Yes Aes Sedai."


"And what do you think of her?" Vandene Sedai asked.


"I think I was wrong when I told Moiraine that Adeleas Sedai is softer than you. She's as stern as you are and as imposing as you are Vandene Sedai. It seems like seeing the world for so long didn't help any of you from losing that sternness you were actually born with. And . . ." as if hearing what she's saying for the first time, Siuan blushed.


Bloody dimwitted of a . . . of a . . . what am I thinking?! Blurting it all out in front of an Aes Sedai and her twin at that!


Laughing, Vandene Sedai said, "Oh! If only Adeleas had stayed a little while longer, she would have been laughing with me because of what you just said Sanche. Nah! They had never been wrong when they told me you had such a sharp tongue and opinions with no regard to what others will think of you. Why, you keep at that and I will not be surprised if someday you will become an Amyrlin."


"I will never become an Amyrlin. Moiraine is better than that. She'll rule Cairhien one day." Siuan said, shaking her head in disapproval.


"If I will be ruling Cairhien, which I hope it will never happen, then that will make you the Amyrlin Siuan. Vandene Sedai is right, you will become a great Amyrlin someday." Moiraine said, smiling proudly at her Siuan.


"Well, Amyrlin and Queen or not. You are still Accepted, and I believe you are here for a lesson about . . ." Pursing her lips, Vandene Sedai paused.


" . . . about whatever you want to learn." She continued.


"Anything Vandene Sedai?" Moiraine asked.


"Why, anything Moiraine, child." Vandene said encouragingly.


"Do you know anyone named Mierin, Vandene Sedai?" Siuan suddenly asked out of nowhere.


"Why Siuan, there's only one person who had ever been given that name. Only one." Vandene Sedai said, adding, "And it was never spoken even in haste or even in passing now. I bet, not everyone is aware that there's such a name that exist. Even for Aes Sedai. Where in the world did you hear that name?"


"I . . . don't remember Aes Sedai." Siuan lied. No! I cannot tell you it's in a dream. I had a foreboding, that name speaks of something evil. And I cannot let anyone know. Not yet.


"Well then. Mierin . . . there's only one person who owns that and her complete name is Mierin Eronaile. Does it ring a bell? No?" Vandene Sedai asked. Sighing, she continued.


"Mierin Eronaile is no other than Lanfear."










TBC (Ooh, Sleepy. 23:43 -_-)

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Haha, Adeleas and Vandene. It was always funny how some people couldn't tell them apart. Two of my brothers are twins, so our family has lots of funny stories about them being asked stupid questions.


I still like all the "little lady"-ing going on in Siuan's head. :lovers:


One question - Adeleas was looking for a book by Nemdahl? As in, Sarene Nemdahl, the White? Because she's still an Accepted along with Moiraine and Siuan. (...oh god, I didn't even have to go look up which minor character had the last name of Nemdahl to remember it was Sarene. Pity me. :help:)

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One question - Adeleas was looking for a book by Nemdahl? As in, Sarene Nemdahl, the White? Because she's still an Accepted along with Moiraine and Siuan. (...oh god, I didn't even have to go look up which minor character had the last name of Nemdahl to remember it was Sarene. Pity me. :help:)


Nah. Sorry. I changed it to Nedeal now. I was sleepy :lol: Thanks for noticing it though ;)

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Chapter 12: A Summer Morning



Summer sky had been giving off tremendous heat on the entire city of Tar Valon. It had been weeks and weeks since Moiraine had that nightmare about something she cannot seem to remember. As the morning light touches her face, Moiraine glanced at her side and found it empty. Siuan was supposed to be there this early hour of the first summer morning of the year. Pushing herself up, Moiraine looked for Siuan around her entire room. Gone. Where could Siuan possibly go now? Walking straight towards her wardrobe, she grabbed a new clean shift and a new clean Accepted dress. Donning the shift and the dress, she grabbed her brush and started to brush her hair. She had been on her fifty-third stroke when she heard a knock on her door. Now, that couldn't possibly be Siuan, the woman doesn't have the decency to knock at her door. No, the intruder is someone else.


"Come in." Moiraine said melodiously.


As the door opened slowly, she saw an Accepted, a woman of cool composure and a head on her shoulders. Carlinya, she could have been pretty if she only knows how to smile. This woman is too nice, and Moiraine cannot help but frown slightly when the other wasn't watching. How could one possibly believe that there could be someone who cannot make herself break even a single rule of the tower more than once a month?! For Moiraine that is preposterous! One cannot allow oneself to be too technical in breaking a rule every month. Shaking her head, she continued stroking her hair, waiting for the other woman to tell her the purpose of knocking at the early hours of morning.


"Moiraine." Carlinya said.


"Yes?" Moiraine answered.


"I . . ." Carlinya said, pausing.


"You? Come on Carlinya, spit it all out. What do you need?" Moiraine asked, laying down her brush and glancing at the woman standing behind her.


"Oh well, I guess you have heard the news, I was reprimanded for something I accidentally do. You know, one needs to break the rule from time to time and -" Carlinya said when Moiraine cut her short.


"You mean, one needs to break the rule in a very technical way by means of breaking one rule at a time every month? Light! Carlinya, what is wrong with you?" Moiraine said, raising her left brow while asking the other Accepted.


"Oh well, you know Moiraine. It's too logical to break even one rule once a month." Carlinya said in an indignant voice.


"Logical? Whatever Carlinya." Grabbing for her salve, Moiraine handed the bottle to the other woman.


"What?" Carlinya asked her.


"What? It is not possible that you went here to ask for healing because you know that it is not allowed of us to heal too much with the One Power. And as far as I know, you could not break another rule this time, not after you had just broken one. So, all you want of me is my salve. And you are sure that I have one since Siuan and I used to be in trouble with Merean Sedai. There goes my salve in your hand. Just make sure you will bring it back to me as soon as you can. Alright?" Moiraine said smiling.


"Sometimes, you can be as mean as Siuan. You also have a sharp tongue like her. Sometimes more." Carlinya said, smiling while shaking her head.


"Whatever Carlinya." Moiraine said, turning her back on the woman while she continuously brushes her hair. As if an after thought, she added to the departing woman, "Did you see Siuan, Carlinya?"


"Yes, I did." Carlinya answered. "Why?"


"Oh well, you see, I was waiting for her and I was just . . ." Moiraine pauses, trying to voice her concern without being too obvious. When Carlinya finished the sentence for her.


"You were just wondering where your friend could possibly be right now when she's fully aware that she's suppose to be here and not somewhere else. You are worried that she could've forgotten her promise or worse. Well Moiraine, I saw her down at the courtyard with Leane. I think they just left the tower to take a stroll . . . at the noisy streets of Tar Valon." Carlinya said with a very blunt emotion, as if reciting one of her infamous lectures to novices when suddenly Moiraine notice the woman's voice slowly trailing away. Looking at herself in front of the mirror, Moiraine found the cause of worry in the woman's voice. Her demeanor, her mood, changed at the mention of Leane Sharif's name. Not to mention the chit being with Siuan! Now of all days! Siuan had made a promise that she will accompany Moiraine today!


I will thump her until she beg for mercy! The nerve of her! She made a promise! Bloody Woman!


A gasp from Carlinya had made Moiraine aware that she had blurted out the last words without meaning to. Carlinya, being an idiot and a weakling at that slowly made her way towards the door of Moiraine's room, obviously trying to get out of Moiraine's way now that she's in her fiery temper. Carlinya was two steps away from her door when suddenly, Moiraine thought of something better.


"Do not take another step Carlinya. Stay where you are." Moiraine said in a voice as cold as winter's heart itself.


Swallowing, Carlinya closes her eyes before speaking. "Why Moiraine? I . . . you see . . . I already had the salve and I intend to have my pains and aches to be over and done with. Don't you think it is only logical for me to go to my own room and start applying the salve in every nook and cranny of my aching self? I -"


"I will help you with applying the salve if you stay Carlinya." Moiraine butted in.


"Ho! Ho! Moiraine, I honestly think I should go now and . . ."


"Carlinya!" Moiraine snapped. Light! She don't snap just because someone is trying to make her see sense! Oh! That Siuan Sanche and that bloody chit of a woman really made her as snappish as an old lady missing her fine set of Seafolk porcelain tea cups and more!


"W-what?" Carlinya asked in a too timid and meek voice. Aside from being an idiot and a coward at times, Carlinya is also weak in the power. Yes, Aes Sedai do measure the strength of one sister to another but it should not be so with Accepted or even novices. But then, it is part of being a woman who aspire to become an Aes Sedai. Strength and long use of the power is a matter of great importance for every female channeler. And Accepted are not an exception.


"I am sorry for being so . . ." Moiraine said, laying down her brush and slowly turning to face Carlinya who is now seated at the edge of her bed.


Shaking her head, and smiling, Carlinya said, "No. Don't worry Moiraine. I understand."


"You do?" Moiraine asked, somewhat doubtfully.


"Yes, I do. Besides, you said sorry. And, it's not everyday that I meet people who are aware that they are somewhat stepping along the personal boundaries of another human being." Carlinya said with a smile, and added, "It seems like being nobly born did not prevent you from practicing humility. Although, if I may be bold Moiraine . . ." and with a nod from her, Carlinya continued, ". . . I would say you had a streak of pride in you . . . you can be arrogant at times. But then. But then, some are more arrogant than you are. For example Siuan or Myrelle, even Elaida."


"Arrogance. My father once told me that everyone has a piece of arrogance in them. If not for that, we will be something less of a human, maybe less of an animal." Moiraine said.


"Oh yes, I agree with that, everyone has it within them but I disagree with it being a standard for being human. Rather, it is something that - taken in too much - makes us less human, maybe less of an animal." Carlinya answered, standing and waiting for Moiraine to lead the way out of her room.


Grabbing her white parasol, Moiraine gestured for Carlinya to follow her. Once she had locked the door of her room and once they are walking along the hallway of the Accepted quarters Moiraine spoke.


"Arrogance? Maybe you are talking about ambition. Too much ambition."


"No. I am talking about arrogance. We are talking about arrogance." Carlinya said with a slight gesture of her hand.


"Enlighten me." Moiraine murmured, looking around, trying to search for SIuan along the hallway and corridors of the Tower.


"Well, what is the driving force of ambition Moiraine? You tell me. You had lived in the Sun Palace for as long as you can remember, surely, you had seen nobles play the game of houses there. Fighting one another, disgracing one another, because of too much ambition." Carlinya paused.


"Precisely." Moiraine said with a shake of her head, what is Carlinya thinking? She's just elaborating what Moiraine had said.


As if, being able to read her mind, Carlinya continued. "But haven't you ever tried looking deeper than that ambition? Have you ever asked what pushed them to such inhuman and undignified ways just so they could satisfied their hunger for such?"


"Greed, gold, power im-" Moiraine started to list down the things that make the nobles in Cairhien fight one another like the forsaken when Carlinya butt in.


"Greed, gold, power, and for the Forsaken's part - immortality. Have all of those things and you will be considered superior. Have all of those things and no one will be above you. Superiority. Arrogance. It drives men to be overly ambitious. And too much of that makes them become less than humans and more of an animal. RIght?" Carlinya said with a knowing smile.


After Carlinya's lecture about ambition and arrogance, Moiraine noticed that she had been looking at Carlinya as if she's seeing the other woman for the first time. Shaking her head, Moiraine said, "You should be white."


"I know. That's the only logical choice for me, you see? Although I doubt if I could ever practice all that iciness demeanor they show people." Carlinya said with a sigh.


"Oh, you will make a fine White. I'm telling you." Moiraine said while she cautiously peer at the end of the hallway.


"So, what are your plans?" Carlinya asked, and laughing at Moiraine's incredulous face, "I just thought that you must have something up your sleeves now Moiraine, with you, asking me to stay and actually come with you here. And then, add up the fact that you are peering at the end of this hallway as if scared that the Mistress of Novices will catch us . . . doing . . . something . . . oh no Moiraine. I just -"


One look at Moiraine's determined face Carlinya found herself nodding and letting the Cairhienin get a hold of her as she listened to Moiraine's plan for the day. While listening to Moiraine, only one thought came up Carlinya's mind.


Oh Siuan, you're in for a big trouble.











Looking at the bright morning sky. Siuan grumbled as she tried to readjust her white plumed hat. It had been hours since she slowly left Moiraine's room to do something she had promised herself to do first thing this summer. Moiraine will understand why she had to leave first thing in the morning when everyone else - including her - is still sleeping. She had waited for the shop to open. It had been too long since she had last have her hair done the way she want it. Being a novice of the tower, she was not allowed to leave its grounds without the permission of a sister - no not at all! And now, this is her first summer as an Accepted, and the heat of the burning sun will have her grumbling all the way to Tarmon Gai'don itself. It is better to attend to simple matters like having her hair done the way she wants it to be before anything else.


Siuan tried to look for something that she could give Moiraine along the shops that line the streets of Tar Valon. Looking at every direction at once, she saw a shop selling hats of different styles and different cuts between a shop of a seamstress and a shop of a shoemaker. Entering the little but cozy shop for hats, she was welcomed by a plump woman in her middle years with a warm smile.


"Good day to you, young woman. What do you want? A plumed hat just like yours, except of a different shade? Say, yellow?" The shopkeeper asked Siuan.


"No. I don't want a something like that." Siuan said, walking from one sample of hats to another, not even bothering to glance at the shopkeeper.


"Oh well. How about plumed hats, Tairen cut! Tairen style! Oh! I have the best of those from Tear! I know you would love those." The shopkeeper said. Following Siuan wherever she goes.


"No, I don't want Tairen cut Mistress . . . " Siuan said, pausing as she wait for the shopkeeper to say her name.


"Iva . . . My name is Iva, and I am at your service now." Iva, the shopkeeper said.


Nodding, Siuan looked around the shop, from the conical caps to wide brimmed hats and to plumed hats with the exact style as the hats Accepted wear, she directed her cool blue eyes to Mistress Iva's hazel round eyes.


"I want a plumed hat in the Cairhienin style. Make it blue." Siuan said.


"Oh! Cairhienin style! I have it. Blue you say? Alright. You take a seat there and wait for me as I get the Blue plumed hat." Mistress Iva said, slightly pushing Siuan on one of the cozy chairs that are obviously for clients who are willing to buy one of her hats. Well, for that matter. The woman did not offer her any of those cozy chairs when she entered, not until Mistress Iva was sure that she intend to buy one of her hats.


Leaving her alone. Mistress Iva opened one of her back doors leading to a place which, one look by Siuan, showed more hats. Leane had been right. This is the perfect place to buy hats of different sizes. According to the woman, this shop, The Master of Hats, is the only shop in Tar Valon that offers the newest fashion for hats of the different countries; from Altaran style to Tar Valon's. All styles imaginable. Lookign around, something caught Siuan's eyes. A wide brimmed hat with a mask connected in it. The mask was surely a good imitation of a bird, an eagle with the beak settling perfectly just at the level of her nose. Trying it out, Siuan looked at herself in front of the mirror and laughed. Nobody would recognize her in one of these masked hats. Oh, she just have to look for the silliest and most horrible of these hats and she can scare the light out of Moiraine for sure. Laughing at the thought, she removed the eagle-mask hat and tried another one. A peach colored masked hat with a scarlet feathered bird with gold dusting in each tip of the feathers. She's about to place it at her head when suddenly, she heard Mistress Iva speak.


"You like my masked hats? They are hats from across the Aryth Ocean, they say." Mistress Iva said, while looking at the masked hat Siuan is holding.


"I see. They remind me of the masks people wear in Ebou Dar during the Festival of Birds." Siuan murmured.


"Ho! Ho! You are right, young woman. They also remind me of those. So, here are the different sets of blue plumed hats you asked me for. Take your pick." Mistress Iva said, smiling at Siuan.


One look at those, Siuan had already made her choice. She take a plumed hat with the color of the sky at a bright summer morning, and one look at its huge arching feather of dark blue, she smiled and nodded at Mistress Iva. The shading of the plumed hat is something that Moiraine will surely love. Following Mistress Iva to where she needs to pay for the hat, she asked for the price.


"One gold crown and two silver marks." Mistress Iva said with a knowing smile.


Siuan's eyes almost bulge at the price of the hat, one gold crown and two silver marks?! That's more than what she had ever held long before she went to the Tower! Even her beautifully short cropped hair that gave everyone the impression of her hair being wind blown is not that expensive! One glance at Mistress Iva, Siuan thought that it would be bad for her if she will back away now that the woman had made all the effort of finding the exact style and color she was asking for. Giving herself a shake of the head she took out a gold crown and two silver marks on her belt pouch, gave those to Mistress Iva and without any word of thanks, left the shop almost at a dead run. Almost.


Once Siuan was a good distance away from the shop, she readjusted her white dress with bands at the hem, rearranged her white plumed hat, grumbled for the incredulity of a Cairhienin plumed hat's price. She could almost buy a whole farm for herself for the price of just one hat! A whole farm with a bloody pond to boot! One look at the burning sun nearing the highest spire of the White Tower, Siuan entered the gates leading to the courtyard of the tower at a dead run, hoping to surprise Moiraine. Never knowing that she will be the one surprised by her Moiraine.















Spur of the moment. I don't know what's gotten into me. Maybe because I've been gone for a month. I'm trying to . . . get the feeling of writing again. I'll try to make the next part better. :lol: Oh well. It's nice to be back.




Edited some of those bloody mistakes................. but not all :twisted:

Edited by Jaime Jai'melar
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It just wouldn't be WoT without fancy hats for the ladies! :sugar: Hard to picture Siuan wearing a plumed hat though. Or Moiraine with a parasol, for that matter. But I still liked the chapter. Poor Carlinya, heh, it should be fun to see how Moiraine uses her in the prank against Siuan.


Glad to see you back. :) This story is a fun read, thanks for continuing it.

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