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Siuan and Moiraine

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Chapter 13: A Note of Importance


Siuan was humming a song to herself while walking along the corridor of the first floor of the Tower, she is in a very good mood despite the heat and despite the fact that she had just bought a very expensive gift for Moiraine. A frown became evident whenever she thought of that, oh well, maybe not that but nothing can totally tamper the good mood she is feeling at the moment. She can even spare a smile for those nasty novices that never failed to make her day a living nightmare every time she teaches them the importance of knowing the Old Tongue. Six rounds of teaching those novices and she started to understand how mad Sheriam and the other Accepted can be whenever they were teaching Siuan and Moiraine's classes when the two of them were still novices. Well, it really is a nightmare. Trying and forcing themselves to do what they saw the Accepted are doing during their own classes. Plunging into a school of Silverpike head first! At the thought of the stupidity and stubbornness of novices, Siuan almost laugh. It seems like years since she had become a novice and now, she just had the time of her life visiting the streets of Tar Valon, having her hair cut really short, and buying a plumed hat for Moiraine - again, that painful thought about the gold crown and two silver marks - but still, she feels happy. This will be the first time that she had bought something for Moiraine. The first time! And she cannot wait to see what Moiraine's reaction will be once she see the hat. Glancing at the bag where Mistress Iva placed the purchased hat, Siuan cannot help but smile. She cannot wait to see Moiraine try it on!


She had been in such a good mood and dreamy thoughts when she noticed that she was already in the Accepted quarters. One look around, she also noticed a group of Accepted sitting along the cozy chairs in front of the grand fireplace that is currently not in use. Giving them a nod and a smile, she headed straight towards Moiraine's room, or tried to but she stopped in her tracks when she heard one of the Accepted speak.


"Moiraine's not there Siuan." Sheriam said in her Saldean accent.


"Yes, she's not there. She went somewhere I think. But she left a message though . . . for you." Myrelle said, lounging lazily in her cozy chair in front of the fireplace.


"Really? Thank you." Siuan said.


"Come, join us first Siuan." Sheriam chided at Siuan.


"You need to hear the message . . ." Myrelle added just after the words left Sheriam's lips.


Eying her friends askance, she walked towards them. Moiraine leaving a message for her and not waiting in her room to demand an explanation does not sound like her at all. Could it be possible that she was assigned for something else? But that's improbable, it is the first day of Summer this year and Accepted are entitled to certain privileges like taking the day off for themselves, doing whatever they want like sitting - lounging - lazily in one of the cozy chairs at exactly the way Myrelle is doing now, anything as long as it does not break any rule at all. But then, what does she knows? The Aes Sedai can say toad at an Accepted and expect that Accepted to keep on jumping unless that Aes Sedai told her to stop, no matter that it is supposed to be a rest day for everyone! Taking a seat in one of the vacant chairs beside the Saldean and Altaran women, she tried to school her features before asking. But before she can say anything, Sheriam had taken the lead.


"Moiraine seems to be in a too good a mood Siuan, so don't worry." The Saldean said to her


"Worried? Me? Who says I am worried?" Siuan snapped at Sheriam.


"How about your face?" Sheriam answered coolly, apparently she did not notice the bite in Siuan's words.


"I just find it unusual for Moiraine to just leave her room and . . ." Siuan begun but she was cut short by Myrelle.


"Being pillowfriends is not an enough reason to wait in one's room for as long as you arrive Siuan. I think, by the briskness of her walk, I will say that she needs to attend to something really important. An Accepted task perhaps?" Myrelle said in that singsong voice that reminds Siuan of women trying to lure men into their deadly arms.


"That is not so Moiraine. She would not accept tasks today. She just wouldn't." Siuan mumbled.


"And who says Accepted can choose what to accept or not? Especially when it comes from Aes Sedai?" Sheriam asked her.


"It's like Moiraine being a babe against an evil aunt. That's the chance of saying no to Aes Sedai." Myrelle giggled.


"But still -" Siuan said.


"What? Did having a short-cropped hair addle your brain Siuan? We saw what we saw." Sheriam said, somewhat hurt that Siuan doesn't seem to believe her word for it. Not that Siuan does not believe her, Sheriam just like . . . well, adding bits and stuffs to things she saw. Well, not that much anymore but she still tends to, from time to time.


"Believe us Siuan. She's with Carlinya. And we know that a lot of us would not want to be with that stick-to-the-rule woman, especially Moiraine. And if that will be the case, it only means that both of them share the same task. Moiraine will never pair with that one. Never. And the message was 'Tell her if you see her that we will talk soon', weird huh?" Myrelle said, changing her position in the cozy chair as she speak.


"What did you say? She's with Carlinya? It could be that whatever you say is true if that is the ca -" Siuan asked incredulously and paused mid drift when she remembered something. She saw Carlinya along the courtyard of the Tower in the wee hours of the morning, limping. Probably, she just broke another Tower rule or two. And if she is not mistaken, Carlinya saw her as well talking with Leane Sharif, a Domani Accepted. She might have told Moiraine that and the little woman would have burned everything down in her fury at learning she talked with the Domani chit - as Moiraine calls Leane behind the woman's back. But how could she approach Moiraine? The woman will not approach any initiate of the Tower if she does not need anything from her for that matter. That limping woman would not tell Moiraine if . . . wait, limping? That's it! She could have asked Moiraine for the salve that eases one's aches after a swift visit to the Mistress of the Novices room. And maybe, Moiraine had asked her if she had seen Siuan and then BANG! the woman told her she saw Siuan and Leane talking about the Light alone knows what!


I'm dead. Oh yes Siuan Sanche, you are dead.


"Are you alright Siuan?" Sheriam asked, worry suddenly evident in her face.


"Who is dead?" Myrelle asked and adding to Sheriam with laughing, "Maybe the heat touched her too pretty hair and then really addled her brain - cook them I will say."


"Myrelle!" Sheriam shouted with a hint of a bite in it at Myrelle.


"Quiet!" A stern voice sounded in the distance, one of the Accepted, a fair haired woman - Tarna - was studying and the shout of Sheriam put Tarna to her limits. Walking towards them, Tarna looked like she is about to give them a cool tongue-lashing they will not forget. But Siuan did not care. She was worried that Moiraine is angry at her. Why can't the woman stop herself from being too jealous, especially about Leane? Oh light! Oh carp-kissing foolish slimy flaming light!


Placing her fists on both sides of her hips, Tarna gave the three of them a stare as cold as any Aes Sedai. Tarna Feir is a woman who is so self-centered that no one among the Accepted can last with her even for just five seconds. She is friendless, uncomfortable to be with, and a wilder. There are rumors that Galina Casban, Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah, was the one who broke her block. A block that prevents her from seeing the weaving of Saidar because of her tendency to keep her eyes closed. A weird block, though wilders' blocks vary from person to person. Some say that Galina Casban had used every method just to remove Tarna's block that after doing so, Tarna was left with nothing but only a vessel for her soul, void of emotion, void of almost everything. Before the fair-haired woman could even open her mouth, Siuan forestalled her by saying, "Our apologies to that loud voice of Sheriam, we are going now Tarna so you can study in peace. See you."


Without waiting for Tarna's reply, she grabbed the two and headed straight to Moiraine's room. Once inside, Siuan noticed a white piece of paper with Siuan written in front with the flowing script of Moiraine's hand. Putting the bag that contains the blue plumed hat she intends to give to Moiraine at the bed, she opened the letter of Moiraine, eyes widening at almost every line.


A lover's heart

Forlorn and torn apart

Can yearn for vengeance

Once given the Chance

The room at the right

Is barred and closed

Unless you feel my wrath

It will forever remain so


Now if you want to play this sickening game

Then I will oblige until you are bathed with shame

Follow the path which will show you the way

The way that will determine how you will pay

First is to go to the place where we first met

A year before you were tangled in this crazy net

You are to look for a white piece of paper

Begin at the third toll of the bell or be spurned forever!

Lovingly Yours,


"What did you do Siuan?" Sheriam asked.


"I don't know. Light's truth. I don't." Siuan said, oh yes! She could almost cry now, not out of sheer joy but out of frustration. Moiraine is into her own nasty pranks again. The woman would really want to make Siuan's explanation doubly difficult. Light! Moiraine Damodred! You will still be the death of me! You will!






Looking at the bright summer sky, Carlinya cannot believe herself that she is technically doing this. Following Moiraine's request that she, Carlinya, leave the key of Siuan's room into this light-forsaken, grimy canal at the back of the kitchen. And not forgetting to put the last note and the key into a little bowl that will float in this blasted canal. Oh, Carlinya is not into curses but she really feels like doing so at this very moment! If any of the sisters will see her now, they will inquire about what she is doing at the most unwanted place of any initiate of the tower. Even servants do not go here all the time. And yes, Carlinya tried to reason it out to Moiraine.


Then if that is the case, you should really place this last note and this key there. Since there will be a lesser chance for you to get caught right Carlinya? It is the most logical and most reasonable place to be if ever.


The most logical and most reasonable place to be? Hah! Really?! Moiraine is such a nice woman, Carlinya liked her and Siuan, she always looked up at the two of them as brave and cunning Accepted. But right now, Carlinya feels like she wanted to sick up! She's too scared, she just wanted to run! She had hoped that she would be resting right now, maybe reading a book or two while letting the miracle of Moiraine's salve work its way to her system but no! The pattern seem to be conniving with the dark one now! Instead of resting, she was down here, doing the dirty work for Moiraine. Not that the woman forced her into this. No! Moiraine just have the air of being too sure that whatever she say will be taken into and done by someone else and however those someone else - That includes me! - try to wiggle themselves out of those, in the end they just find themselves doing the things she wanted them to do exactly the way Moiraine wants it to be! Which was why she was here in the first place. She needs to be the lookout while Moiraine supposedly do her own part. She has to make sure that the key and the note together with the bowl won't float somewhere else. Moiraine had been so precise at what could possibly happen to the three of them - three! - Siuan, her and Moiraine if the bowl with the note and the key in it would float somewhere else, somewhere it will forever become lost.


"I am lost." Carlinya murmured to herself as she slowly placed the little bowl at the small narrow canal with a stick she intends to use to prod and guide it from time to time. Sitting at one of the huge stones, Carlinya focused herself, listening to any sound of approaching footsteps, hoping against hope that this nasty prank of Moiraine will soon be put to an end.


Make sure you finish this soon Siuan. The light willing. The light save our hides from Merean Sedai.












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LoL, poor Carlinya got press-ganged by the ice queen. I was laughing at Moiraine's petty jealousy over something as small as Siuan just talking with Leane. Lesbian jealousy is just... Oh god, lesbian jealousy is the flame that burns all that is good. Women are scary, man. :faint: It's hard to see mature Moiraine being jealous, but it seems more plausible for this younger, more hot-headed version of herself. And writing poetry - haha, I certainly can't imagine her doing that.


Another fun (and fast! I can't believe how fast you update) chapter. Looking forward to seeing how Moiraine's elaborate prank plays out, and if Merean catches them. :D

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Chapter 14: The Prank

First is to go to the place where we first met

A year before you were tangled in this crazy net

You are to look for a white piece of paper

Begin at the third toll of the bell or be spurned forever!


"Where we first met?" Siuan said, frowning sadly at the piece of paper she is holding at the moment. Out of all things, that is what Moiraine wants her to do? To remember where they first met? A year and more had passed since they first met, but how could she forget it? It is as clear a memory to her as the first time she ever saw snow.


"Do you still remember where you first met?" Sheriam asked Siuan.


"Yes, of course. I do." Placing the piece of paper into her belt pouch, Siuan started to go out of Moiraine's room, allowing her two other friends to follow suit before closing Moiraine's door. Walking towards her room on Moiraine's right, she noticed that it is locked. It seems like, Moiraine is really into her nasty childish games again. Without waiting for anything from the other two, Siuan walked - no, stalked - out of the Accepted quarters, down two flight of stairs and more. She cannot believe something like this out of Moiraine. How could she say those words? A lover's heart, forlorn and torn apart?! That made everything clear to her. That Carlinya, she had surely made Moiraine think that she - Siuan Sanche - is flirting with Leane Sharif when in fact, they are just talking! Talking! But did that little woman even asked? No sir! She did not! She just went straight to what she wants to do with Siuan, without no regard about what she will feel! With just no regard!


Siuan had been thinking those things all over again until she had reached the floor where Novices are being housed. And when she had reached the Novice quarters did she notice two women accompanying her. Sheriam and Myrelle had followed her all along. With a raised eyebrow she gave them a questioning look which Myrelle took the liberty to answer.


"We thought it would be fun . . . helping you unravel this non . . . mystery Moiraine had just given you. I would like to see how this will end." Myrelle said to Siuan, and giving one look to Sheriam and the other woman followed suit.


"Oh yes Siuan, Myrelle is right. It would be an honor to guide . . . I mean, guard your back through out this hunt." Sheriam said in her strong Saldean accent.


Myrelle had been playing with words, for instance, she does not intend to help Siuan at all, but watch. And she considered this entire thing not a mystery but a nonsense. Which, Siuan would want to really agree to. And Sheriam. Thinking of this as a hunt? Very Saldean indeed. Shaking her head, she told them, "Alright then. Let's see how this nonsense will end." Squaring her shoulders, she headed straight at the very center of the hallway, right in front of Moiraine's old novice room. And stared at nothing.


"Are you sure this is the right place to be Siuan?" Sheriam asked, looking at her very expectantly.


"I am sure! This is exactly where we first met! I will never forget it! I would rather forget my name than forget the first time I saw her!" Siuan snapped at her two friends. She cannot afford to falter now. If she cannot remember, if she was wrong. No! She's not! Siuan Sanche never forgets! This is where she first saw and talked with Moiraine. How could it possibly be bare of any scrap of paper? Eying the novices running through and fro, she try to look if someone will come near her. No one seem to notice the three Accepted standing at the center of the entire hallway. How could it possibly be so?


"Perhaps you were wrong?" Myrelle asked, eying the novices running from one direction to another. Looking at any sign of recognition for three Accepted from one of the novices.


"No! This is where I first talked to her! Where I first -" Siuan stopped mid-sentence when a memory tickled at the back of her mind. No! She was wrong. Myrelle and Sheriam was right. This is where she first talked with Moiraine, not saw. She had seen Moiraine, a porcelain little doll, not too tall but not too short for any ordinary doll at all, at the huge gates of the White Tower itself!


"How can I be such a blind fool?" Siuan said, walking and almost breaking into a run straight into the stairs leading to seven more flights of stairs that will surely open to one of the corridors lining the Tower's courtyard and straight into the huge gates of the White Tower. When no novices and Accepted for that matter and even Aes Sedai - especially Aes Sedai - that can be seen in sight, Siuan, Myrelle and Sheriam rushed through the wide gates of the Tower at a dead run. Upon reaching the first booth with guards standing stock-still, they slow down. And upon reaching the first of the guards, a young man wearing the uniform of the Tower Guards with the flame of the Tar Valon made his way towards them.


Looking around for any of the sisters watching or any of the initiates of the Tower, the Tower guard gave a shrug and walked towards them. "Which one of you is Siuan Sanche?" The Tower Guard talked in a very low and fast voice. It is understandable for everyone working in the White Tower to feel unease when talking to any initiate of the Tower especially if that someone was a woman. And especially if the one asking is a man. The Tower had strict rules for young women training in the Tower to avoid any untoward communication with men - whether they work for the Tower or not.


"I am Siuan Sanche." As soon as the words left her lips the man grabbed hold of one of her hands and handed her a piece of paper. And without any words, left them gaping at his back like three carp-brained louts - not that women like them can be considered as louts, but still. Looking at the piece of paper with the flowing script of Moiraine's hand evident. She walked straight to the courtyard and took a seat in one of the benches carefully aligned along the entire place.


Opening the piece of paper, she closed her eyes and uttered a little prayer before reading the lines etched at the piece of paper.


I give you my congratulations for doing a job well done. I hope against hope that you remembered instantly where you first met me. It seems like yesterday, would you not think so my dear Siuan? Anyway, here goes the other bit of the riddle you have to decipher soon enough.


Let us see how far you can go

Let yourself taste a mouthful of my sorrow

Remember her that brought you here

Of how she gives you sweets that are so dear


Look for those pastries

Pastries that are made by me

Gobble them all up

And play right into my very trap



"Blood and bloody ashes!" Siuan murmured angrily. Frustration is certainly present in her voice now. How could the woman be so mean? And "her"? Who is that? Remember her that brought you here. Who is the woman she is talking about? One look at Sheriam and Myrelle, and they looked as clueless as she. Of course they are! How could they possibly have an idea about who Moiraine is talking about when she, Siuan Sanche, don't know one whit!


"Who brought you here Siuan?" Sheriam asked her.


"Carlinya! If only that cold and bloodless woman kept her mouth shut I would not be here, in such a tight fit!" Siuan snapped at no one. Oh light! She was on the edge now. She wanted to scream out of anger and frustration. She wanted to shake Carlinya, or Moiraine out of their senses! Light! She even wanted to look for Leane and shake the sense out of her until her teeth rattled! Now, why would I think of doing that to a woman who is innocent as a mewling babe? Frustration and anger, those are clouding her mind now. And she needs a clear head if she wants to finish this soon.


"No, I did not mean that. Who brought you here? At Tar Valon? Surely being a Tairen, an Aes Sedai brought you here. Who?" Sheriam asked again.


"Who? Well, Verin Mathwin Aes Sedai brought me here. And . . ." glancing at the bits of things written at that piece of paper she was holding, everything seem to fall into place. When they were novices still, Verin Mathwin will bring them honey-cakes and letting them cry on her shoulder every visit to Merean Sedai. That is it! There is only one place in the Tower that provides such. The Kitchen! Laras will be mad at them for intruding but maybe she can ask politely. It irks Siuan that she has to be too meek just to get what she wants, what she needs!.


"I think I know now where we are just headed." Siuan said, and walking straight towards the left corridor of the courtyard, Siuan turned at the first corner and down a flight of stairs to go straight to the kitchen where she saw a lone novice busy arranging brown colored rocks into a certain tray. Surely, not a punishment right? No, Aes Sedai and even Laras will give useless labor to a novice. Rocks? As if hearing their footsteps, the novice turned around and immediately gave them a curtsy fit for an Aes Sedai. One look at the novice, Siuan knows that this woman will lead her to the next thing she must do and one look at those rocks . . . rocks? No, they are not rocks. And once the realization hit her, Siuan almost paled. Moiraine is a very talented woman, being raised in the Sun Palace and all. She is smart, beautiful, a great dancer, a great speaker, and a very indulgent teacher to novices and she is even good in bed - not that THAT matters NOW Siuan! - but there is one thing she definitely lacks. Cooking.


"What are those rocks doing there?" Myrelle whispered.


"Those are not rocks. I think . . ." Sheriam answered in a low and soft voice, enough for only Myrelle and Siuan to hear.


Nodding, Siuan confirmed. "No, those are not."


"Accepted, forgive me, but Moiraine Accepted had asked me to give those roc . . . I mean, honey-cakes to you. And to make sure that you will eat it all up. Before giving this piece of paper to you." The novice said without meeting their eyes. Siuan knows what will happen if the novice failed to make her eat it all up, and she does not want the novice to feel the end of Moiraine's wrath.


"You can just give the paper to me and I will make sure that I will eat all of those honey-cakes as ordered, alright?" Siuan asked, hoping that the novice will say yes. Oh Light! This is a nightmare!


"I am so sorry Siuan Accepted but orders are orders. I need to see you eat it all up. Perhaps your two other friends will help you with this. Forgive me Accepted for being so rude. But you really should." The novice said, while looking at everything except them.


"You have no choice." Sheriam said.


"Maybe you mean that we have no choice?" Myrelle said in a fiery stare at those rocks, no, honey-cakes by Moiraine.


"We?" Siuan asked.


"Yes, we. What do you think of us? Of me for one? I had been with you from the beginning of this. I had watched you make a fool of yourself and now, this. I cannot watch a friend walk to her death . . . that's not the nature of Myrelle Berengari." Squaring her shoulders, Myrelle took the first step, picked one of the three honey-cakes and looked at Sheriam and Siuan meaningfully.


"What? Do you plan to just stare at me the whole time? Let's get this over and done with . . ." when the two were not still moving, Myrelle gave them a fiery and defiant stare, "You don't expect me to eat this all up right? Well? Move!"


Walking towards her, Siuan whispered a thank you to her. But it seems like Sheriam had a different thing to say with a smile, "I thought you plan to take the burden off Siuan's shoulders and be the heroine for once."


"You cannot be totally lucky Siuan for me to do that." Myrelle said.


"Lucky? It seems like I just used up all the luck I have in this world. And I am telling you, it is not much." Siuan said with a sigh as she grabbed one of the two burnt-to-blackness honey-cakes of Moiraine.


One bite and it feels like Siuan would crack her teeth. One taste and it feels like eating a bitter gourd. One swallow and it feels like sand storms in her throat. Just one and it feels like too much a punishment already. Light! Did Moiraine hate her that much now to make her eat this deadly stuff? Without stopping for even just a breath, Siuan gobbled up all that is left of Moiraine's honey-cakes. This is unfair! This is childish of Moiraine! [i[And I am a fool![/i] And drank a glass of water to wash it all down.


"I am alive . . . oh yes, I am! Thank . . . the . . . light." Myrelle said in between breaths.


One look at Sheriam and it feels like Siuan wanted to throw it all out into the chamberpots. Into anything for that matter. Sheriam is all green, as green as her eyes. Siuan pitied her for the first time, the whole day. She and Myrelle should not be doing this in the first place. They don't have a say in any of this, but here they are, sharing a sacrifice for Siuan. Nah, from now on. Siuan vowed that she will never belittle Sheriam anymore. That is the light's own truth in it.


"Are you alright Sheriam?" Siuan asked her, while soothing the woman's back.


"Y-yes . . . light . . . get . . . paper. Alright?" Sheriam said in just a few words. Saldean women are really a tough lot.


Looking around, the novice was gone and Myrelle is already holding the piece of paper, holding it out towards her. Myrelle is sweaty and pale. Siuan is starting to wonder what she looked like right now after eating the rock - honey-cakes! But she has no more time for that. She took the paper from Myrelle and started to unfold and read it. There is only one line written in it.



It is time to end this childish game, go at the least visited place in the tower and get what you seek.


No sign, nothing. But Siuan does not need that at all. No she does not, one look at that flowing script and she knows it is Moiraine's hand. Looking at her two friends, Sheriam who is still green as the grass in spring, and Myrelle, as pale as a fade, she smiled. These two women had proven their friendship to her. Eating something they know fully well could let them throw all the contents of their stomach is really courageous of them. Siuan could not do it alone. But this time, no one could help her but herself. These two women standing in front of her, all green and pale, need to rest. Walking towards them, she hugged them.


"I know that you are not feeling well Sheriam, you can go now and take a rest. Both of you had helped me a lot. I need to finish this alone. I need to find Moiraine and . . . " Siuan was saying when Myrelle cut her short.


"And you better give her a piece of your mind Siuan. Alright? It seems like you are right. Sheriam cannot last another minute what with that vile pastry Moiraine just made you, us, eat. Well, the Light shine on you Siuan. And may you bathe in luck."


Without looking at her, Myrelle helped a smiling Sheriam - though sickly - towards the stair and out of her sight. Once the two were gone Siuan studied the last bit of paper she's holding. Least visited place in the Tower? Was it for initiates, servants, petitioners, men? Moiraine did not elaborate. She was not precise. For novices that will be the Mistress of Novices' room, the Amyrlin Seat's office, the stable, the kitchen and the back of the kitchen. For Accepted it will be the Mistress of Novices' room, the Amyrlin Seat's office, the kitchen, and the back. For servants, that will be the back of the kitchen and the petitioners as well. Could it be there?


But there is nothing there but slimy boulders, smelly environment and a narrow canal. What could Moiraine possibly want me to . . . wait! My key! Oh light!


And with a run, Siuan headed straight to the back of the kitchen, banged the door open and went straight at the mouth of the canal leading from the plumbings working through and 'round the entire tower. She reached the place and groaned. Light! She had been right! Her key is floating together with a bloody piece of white paper on a bowl at the middle of the narrow stream. Narrow stream of dirty water. So grimy and so slimy that it will surely leave black marks in Siuan's dress. Light! She needs to find a stick! But where? One look around, Siuan saw a stick carefully placed on top of one of the boulders making the mouth of the canal. Grabbing hold of it, she prodded and guided the bowl towards her. Once the bowl was within arms-reach, Siuan picked the key of her room and the white piece of paper. Unfolding it out, Siuan read the single line written in it.


Now, once you have the key, you better go back to your room before the fourth toll of the bell rings or you will be sorry.


Keeping the last bit of paper into her belt pouch, Siuan noticed an Accepted from somewhere left, near the oak tree, running away from the scene. Probably Moiraine, or Carlinya. She wanted to follow the woman, whoever she is but Moiraine had been precised with her words. And Siuan knows her. She always mean what she says. No matter how absurd it is. Glancing at the burning sun, Siuan had the calculation that she cannot follow the Accepted anymore if she wanted to reach her room just before the fourth toll of the bell. And according to the movement and position of the sun, Siuan only had a couple of minutes to spare. Thus, Siuan - grumbling to herself at the incredulity and weirdness of Cairhienin - gathered her skirts almost up to her knees and run as fast as she could back to her rooms. Hoping against hope that no Aes Sedai will see her and will inquire why she runs like a woman being chased down by one of the forsaken she moved swiftly and at a dead run.


Upon reaching her room - luckily, she met no one while running and luck of all luck, the Accepted quarter is deserted and no Accepted can be seen in sight - she took three mouthfuls of breath before inserting the key to her doorknob. As the knob turned at the bidding of her hand, she took another three deep breaths and readied herself for what she will find inside. As she pushed the door open, she was rooted to the spot.


"At last, you are here." Moiraine's crystalline voice that reminds everyone of silver bells said.

















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Moiraine is a very talented woman, being raised in the Sun Palace and all. She is smart, beautiful, a great dancer, a great speaker, and a very indulgent teacher to novices and she is even good in bed - not that THAT matters NOW Siuan! - but there is one thing she definitely lacks. Cooking.

Many lulz were had upon reading this line! :giggle: Poor Siuan and Myrelle. (Though I kinda find it hard to feel sorry for Sheriam.)


I'm interested to see what Moiraine will do to Siuan now. :thommoi: Thanks for writing.

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Chapter 15: The Scorned Lover


At last, you are here.


No one in their right mind would try to face Moiraine Damodred with a confident smile in their faces when they just angered her but Siuan could not help feeling good inside when she saw Moiraine. No matter that the little lady sitting in front of her made her do stuffs that are out of the question. No matter that the little lady sitting and looking sternly at her would kill her anytime now. No, nothing matters now that Moiraine's with her in this room, at this very moment. Nothing.


"I am here." Siuan blurted out. Walking towards the right side of her dainty medium sized room which according to Tairen standard is already a huge room, she paused midway when she heard Moiraine's voice crack out of nowhere.


"Don't you dare take another step!" Moiraine said in her deadly soft voice that shows immeasurable anger.


Now what did I just do this time? What's wrong with her?!


"What's wrong with you?" Siuan asked, facing the flushing-with-anger face of Moiraine.


"What's wrong with me?! I should be asking you that! What's wrong with your thick skull?!"


"Ho! Hold it! You are asking what's wrong with me? Shouldn't I be the one to ask you that after what you just let me do? You made me run from one place to another just to solve your eccentric puzzles, made me eat that . . . that set of cookies -"


"Those are cakes!" Moiraine whispered threateningly.


"Whatever! Cakes then! Where am I? Oh yeah! After making me run from one place to another, made me eat those cakes of yours and made me reach out in that dingy, slimy canal with no regard to my right to explain myself first! Now you are asking what's wrong with me? I was precisely fine and happy until you left without waiting for me and running off with Carlinya! Aren't you being unfair? Going out, walking around with Carlinya, believing every word she tells you, telling you things I bet she's not even sure of, and making up those nasty plans just to get even with an innocent woman!" Siuan raged on and on, walking to and fro, waving her hands, making wild gestures and shooting daggers and hurt looks at her Moiraine while trying to forestall whatever Moiraine is trying to point out since the moment she - Siuan - opened her mouth.


"Will you listen to me first?!" Moiraine interrupted her.


"No! You listen woman and you better listen good! I know what Carlinya told you. I know she told you that she saw me talking with Leane. I know she told you how we talked and laughed at each other. She was there, limping, probably made a wrong foot again just to make her be a little more human and less of an idiot the same way she does every month. What was it this time? Upending a bucket of cold water among the innocent bystanders at exactly the moment an Aes Sedai appears? Don't . . . don't tell me, I don't care. What I want to clarify is that Leane asked me about something regarding the history of the Stone of Tear, nothing else. Who should she ask about Tear but a woman of the tower who grew in the Maule rowing her boat of silverpikes towards the Fingers of the Dragon - me. How many times do I have to tell you that Leane is a friend? Just a bloody friend who understands me the way you do. A friend who will never turn a jealous eye towards me, a friend who will never do a childish and unreasonable thing like what you just did. I am sick of you getting jealous Moiraine! I am fed up! I -"




What's happening now? Did she just slapped my face? Moiraine!


Siuan was left off guard when Moiraine's right hand hit her left cheek. She could feel the burning sensation left by Moiraine's powerful and sure slap. The force of it almost made Siuan sway and lose her balance. Gripping the edge of her study table, she tried to pull herself up. Touching her left cheek, wincing, Siuan took three mouthfuls of breaths before facing Moiraine but what she saw made her feel like she has a lump on her throat; Moiraine - with her head bowed down - has tears running down her now flushed pale cheeks. She tried to reach out to Moiraine but before she could even touch Moiraine's Accepted dress, the other backed away as if she has an infectious disease that no one, not even the Yellows could heal.


"Moiraine." She whispered.


"Don't touch me. Take your hands off me. Don't. Just don't." Moiraine whispered.


"Moiraine , I -"


"Thank you."




"I said thank you for being so honest Siuan. That is what I like about you most. You always try to be honest. No matter how sharp and rough your tongue could get, when it comes to saying the truth you are always blunt and straight to the point. Now I know that you find my jealous attitudes unreasonable and of no importance. I know now that you see me the way you see Leane and the others. Honestly, I don't know which is worse, you flirting with Leane or you making me feel I am not good enough. I guess I took it one notch higher than I intended to, I am sorry. I know you're right. Any one could get fed up with a spoiled, good for nothing Aes Sedai-aspiring nobly born woman like me. Back at the Sun Palace, people wore a friendly mask in front of me but none of them could really keep up with my weaknesses and insecurities. When I arrived here, when I met you, I thought that at long last there is someone who could finally understand me without making me feel insecure and a bother to others. For a year and a few months, you made me feel more than what I hoped for and prayed for Siuan. For the first time in my life, it felt like I could just be myself without any fear of losing the person I love the most. For the first time in my life, I had friends who will be there for me. For the first time in my life, I finally had someone I can call my own. For a year and a few months, I lived in that dream, but now I am no longer sure whether I would like to continue living that dream."


"What are you trying to say Moiraine? I . . . look, I was pissed off because you cannot trust me with a simple matter like handling Leane. I will never fall for her the same way that I had fallen for you. You will always be special but . . . please show me that you trust me enough to -"


"I trusted you Siuan . . . the moment I fell for you, the moment I invested my emotions toward you, the moment I first saw you I trusted you. I trust you so much that it hurts me every time I see you having a good time with someone else. Leane, she is everything I am not, she has everything I don't have and now she has you when I . . . " Moiraine wiped away the tears from her face and continued, ". . . when I just realized that I never had you."


"Moiraine what are you . . . " Siuan tried to interrupt but Moiraine placed a finger in her lips, silencing her.


"There's no need for us to continue this Siuan. Maybe we need time to think things through, time to find and understand what we really want; what you and I want."


"I perfectly know what I want Moiraine, and that is you, us."


"Well then, maybe I need time to think things through, time to find and know what I really want; what's good for me."


"Please . . . don't make it sound like you are leaving me alone that we are . . . "


"Yes Siuan . . . it's over."


No! It can't be! How could something as good as this last for just a little while? Moiraine wants to end it all here? Would their perfect love story end here? Would she, Siuan Sanche, allow it to end so easily?








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Poor Siuan, getting slapped. I think Moiraine is overreacting here, but I can see why a young, insecure, very temper-driven Moiraine might do something like that. Siuan's railing at Moiraine was pretty funny (though her being "pissed off" didn't seem like an appropriate term), and I chuckled at her sideways jab at Carlinya being such a failure at pranks.


Siuan isn't going to let Moiraine go, haha. Thanks for updating! :)

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