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TV show finally happening!!!

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first season focuses on moiraine! sooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I'm even more excited...as I have yet to read all these damn books AH AHAHA

Are we just posting emoticons now?   

Okay so there was supposed to be GoT prequel stuff but HBO cut the cord on that...so the guy who was going to do it (who was one of the show's writers) apparently is going to Amazon........!!! So......I wonder if that means he'll write some/most/all?? of WoT? And if that's true, that would be fantastic. Sad no more GoT, but we'll have WoT!

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Well apparently some have anyway. GRRM is a busy man. But that's okay. More focus for WoT for us. And after that disappointing season 8, I think we're all a bit relieved to have some time away from GoT.

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    Come join your fellow fanatics! :lol:

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