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Flat Thom Project

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I'm lazy and am quoting the Flat Momo information. So sue me!

On 3/25/2007 at 3:36 PM, Kaitlin said:

A while ago we had a bit of a discussion on doing a Flat Stanley kind of project. Please refer to that thread firstly if you don't remember, or didn't read that thread in the first place to find out what Flat MomoThom/Stanley/etc. is!


We decided to make a new thread for rules and information and begin the actual event soon! Here is our official thread! Any questions or other things related to Flat Momo Thom can go here.

What Flat Momo Thom is:


Flat Momo Thom will be a drawn picture sent in a flat envelope to each person participating in the event. In the envelope will be some paper as well. Each person is encouraged to write a little something down for the next people on the list to read. It can be just a small note saying hi or anything else that you think of!


The most important thing: Please take a picture (or lots, whatever you like) of Flat Momo Thom! It's really up to you what is in the picture with Flat Momo Thom. For instance: I live near Philadelphia in the US! I could take Flat Momo Thom to the Liberty Bell and take a picture of her with it. Or, I could take a picture of Flat Momo Thom with something weird from around my apartment.


Be aware that you will be showing the picture in a public way (even though we are few ) and so you probably wouldn't want to show things in your picture that you wouldn't want just anyone to see. (Examples: Your nakie bum, ripped underwear on your head while dancing drunk on a table next to a nun, your street address, pictures of other people who have not given you permission to show the pic)


Marie or myself (or Payal) will either start a Flat Momo Thom picture thread in Inspiration or just put our own pictures in this thread (depending on whether this thread gets really busy with other stuff or not!).


Getting in on it:


Several people have already said they wanted to be involved been volunteered.


Here's the list and the mailing order (who needs order) as of right now:







Please send your mailing information to @Marie via PM and I will give your address just to the person on the list that will be sending Flat Momo Thom to you before we start mailing!


If you want to be on there send Marie a PM.


In Short:


1. Look at the list and make sure you want to be on it or not. PM  your address. Your address will be given to the appropriate person.

2. When you receive the Flat Momo Thom envelope don't forget to write a little something... either for the next person or just in general!

3. Take at least one picture of Flat Momo Thom with something from around where you live or just of stuff you want to show! Show us your piccy of where Flat Momo Thom has been!

4. Send Flat Momo Thom off to the next person on the list!


Note: You do not have to send anything else along inside the Flat Momo Thom envelope. Some people might want to do it anyway though! If you do want to put something in there make sure that it is very flat, very light, and very cheap. We are cheapskates. I had vague thoughts of sending pink sparklies. *evil*

Do you have any idea how often Kate said the word Momo...

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I mean it's Thom so...

I did draw him and was going to be lazy and send him to you first because I'm mean, but the weekend after next I'm headed to Flagstaff so maybe I should get a pic of him in snow or something. 🤷‍♀️

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Who did you send to?

Cuz I'm really bad at checking my mail...so I need to know if/when I need to look. And I'll be in CA Sunday-Wednesday (March 3-6). Disneyland Monday and Tuesday.

I swear if you sent it to me and Thom misses out on Disneyland....I can't even finish that threat...and he'll have missed the snow last week!

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Wife: You've uh, kinda taken him hostage huh?
Me: ....*small shrug* I don't know where to send him next??

Flat Thom has been overlooking the kitchen...with the calender from APRIL. eh heh....But he enjoyed Endgame...all three times I saw it LOL



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  • Welcome!

    Come join your fellow fanatics! :lol:

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