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Characters II

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I think most of the images in the old thread have been deleted one way or another, so I start fresh.


My brain "snapped" about a month ago and I can suddenly draw from reference pictures. I've also changed software and bought many different sorts of pencils, so I can make better stuff. Loosely based on a discussion from the other thread, I'm planning to somehow merge Frank Zappa and Sam Elliot for a Thom portrait.


What is the most recent idea for a cast list? If anybody has a clue, it would be a fun project and good exercise for me. You could also drop ideas right here. I can merge different actors (or other people who occur on pictures and have to live with it) to make the most perfect representation. :?

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Oooo, this sounds fun. I'm always got an opinion on casting. Hmmmm.


I see.... (and this is just me)


Cadsuane- as Meryl Streep or maybe Carrie Anne Moss


Moiraine- Everyone seems to REALLY differ on her. I don't mind the Rachel Weisz possibility, though Kate Winslet makes an interesting choice. So too does Kate Beckinsale.


Nynaeve- Rachel McAdams has always been my mental pic.


Egwene- Rose Byrne or Emmy Rossum


Rand- After seeing the Dark Knight I feel Heath Ledger would've been a good choice. Handsome and tormented. RIP


Elayne- Simone Simons is a Dutch Metal Singer, but she makes me think Elayne (I have no idea if she can act, but she looks right) If not her maybe Isla Fisher? She's not really tall enough though.


Morgase or Elaida- Michelle Pfeiffer


Faile- Camilla Belle (someone said that once and it changed my whole opinion of the character)


Min- Rachel Leigh Cook


Bryne- Clive Owen


Galad- Orlando Bloom


Gawyn- James McAvory


Lan- Gerard Butler


Tuan- Jada Pincket Smith


Marton Csokas- Dain Bornhold


I sometimes think Crazy big super star types would be interesting as the Forsaken. Just a thought.


Lanfear- Catherine Zeta Jones


Ishamael- Mel Gibson


Rahvin- Colin Farrell (That JUST popped into me head)


Sammael- Russel Crowe


Graendal- Kim Cattrall


Aginor or Be'lal- Patrick Stewart


Asmodean- Johnny Depp


Demandred- Christian Bale (maybe)


Osangar- Toby Jones (He played Karl Rove in W.)


Aran'gar- Angelina Jolie


Moghedien- Eva Green


Mordin- Guy Pierce OR Tom Crazy Cruise



Semirhage- THINKING


Mesaana- Tina Fey

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I can't wait to see examples of your new stuff.


I've given up on picturing many characters as well known actors. As far as Moiraine goes, just someone who looks close to the comic version of her for me. I dunno, actually what Tosh said. Kate Winslet probably does look a lot like the comic Moiraine. And I have my favorites otherwise but they don't physically look as much like her.


Thom - what you said would be awesome in it's weird badassness. :? Frank Zappa and Sam Elliot.


Moggy - Bjork :D


Semmy - Sophie Okonedo She has a gentle smile and that would be all chilling.


Moridin - Jake Gyllenhaal? :o Well, I don't know, but someone with thick eyebrows?

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I'm Asmo.




You may have been possessed. Or I may have been. By Tosh.


I am sorry about that, Asmo, but what you said. :o

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I'm sorry I started this thread without posting an image right away. Now I've at least started on a Bryne portrait to get things running. I haven't used any reference picture yet. This is a base, I'll add more wrinkles and edges and whatnot. http://i213.photobucket.com/albums/cc228/hbforleather/gallery/bryne3.jpg


I just realized I'm not very partial towards him any more. :P How did that happen? And why do I have a Galad avatar when I don't care for him either? Perhaps the only sound man in WoT is Thom after all.

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^ Disregard that painting. It's beyond salvation.


And this is rather bad work too http://i213.photobucket.com/albums/cc228/hbforleather/gallery/thom.jpg He's too fair and feminine. I think it's my subconscious trying to tell me to draw women. I've neglected that for too long.


I'd really love if everyone could post drawings and maybe challenge each other. To bring some fun into it :P

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Pretty blue eyes! I meant to say that before. : o


*can only draw stick figures* But if someone else with stick figure drawing ability wants to challenge me... >: )

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Beyond my stick art!:




I was going to draw Thom with a tiny, flaccid member but got distracted doing the patches on his cloak and the pool of blood around his head.


Edit: Looking at this, I realize that Thom's gleeman cloak looks like a puddle of vomit. THis might have been subconsciously intentional...

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I think Olivia wins already! However, I will try to come up with something for this competition too. It may be up to you, Asmo!

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