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The Gathering Storm Thread

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There are things I found right in this book. Others felt off, even Jarring at times, but by and large this has been the most satisfying WOT read (for me) since The Lord of Chaos.... (And perhaps even the Shadow Rising)

Since I read the book on the tail end of a reread it is hard for me to judge how it falls for me in terms of enjoyment compared to the other books in the series. I do think it flowed nicely from KoD with the right level of tension. I do think a lot of shit happened and it has been a long time since we as readers could say that.


The Knife of Dreams was good. It laid the ground work. But this.... the impending darkness was palpable.
I think the only reason KoD ranks so high up there for me is Moiraine's letter, not going to lie. XD




The presentation was stripped down a little, never over stated (a bad habit RJ had begun about Crown of Swords). You got what you needed to take in the scene and never did we have to know every little teeny tiny detail of that one of five, to be seen on occassion, Lord of Tear's buttoned down silk embroidered coat. (VOMITS)

I didn't notice it until you mentioned it, but yes it was very nice not having two paragraphs telling me what Rand and Min decided to wear today and why and how it contrasted with Caraline's blue pants.


Rand's turn and growing insanity was very compelling. You could feel it! How he finally became his own worst enemy. The scene with Tam was heartbreaking.
I was on the edge of my seat during that one because I didn't know what was going to happen. It was nice having an unpredictable Rand.


The bow out of Semirhage was very correct. (Though I've gotten to the point I hate to see any of the Forsaken die... except maybe Messana)

Semi single handedly did more damage to Rand (directly) then any Forsaken yet! True, Ishamael and Lanfear are right up there with her but neither ever made him... beg for mercy. And the scars she left behind nearly drove him to end it all! Awesome twists.

Semi was awesome. Although on a sidetrack, I was a little disappointed to discover Cadsuane actively encourages her legendary status. Although I guess it is more realistic. Felt a bit like learning the trick to a magic act, though.


The call backs from the whole series and even the characters coming to realization that they had become lost without Moiraine! Things are finally coming full circle.
I am of two minds about all the Moiraine mentions; on the one hand I'm glad people are finally thinking about homechick, on the other hand, it felt a little overdone at times. Kind of like "I get the point! You need her!"


Egwene is BADASS! Her defending of the White Tower was jaw dropping. I couldn't put the damn book down to go to the bathroom.
I don't know if I could ever be a Egwene fan, but I do think she is a damn good Amyrlin now. None of the previous books convinced me of that, but this one did. The one downside is I can never really respect Siuan like I once did.


And on that, the RAID on Tar Valon..... goose bumps.
That was Epic.


Verin! What a fabulous character.


Elaida, Too bad, so sad, good bye!


I LOVED any segment seen through Nynaeve's eyes! She's fantastic in her impatience and determination. I must say I think Mr. Sanderson handles some of the Ladies with greater respect then The master Jordan himself.


The Aes Sedai were more distinct. They were given just a touch more personality in passing and they felt much more real.

I'm glad to finally know what Verin was up to.


Elaida...poor girl. I want her to get rescued but she does deserve some punishment and the Seanchan will give her that.


Nynaeve. Nynaeve Nynaeve Nynaeve. I think my sig says it all actually.


Cadsuane, I love her. Though it will be interesting to see her and Moiraine square off. Cad method of bullying has been less and less effective of late.
You love Cadsuane therefor I love you. :P



OMG this is a long post!





I enjoyed the journey taken by Mat. His actions were correct and Hinderstap was a cool subplot. Sanderson's problem is he has a tendency of overstating some character voices. He did not handle Mat's voice very well at all. It was jarring, though forgivable.... barely. I wish Mat would quit complaining about the same shit.

I cannot say enough bad things about the Mat dialogue. It was just far too forced. Although I imagine Mat would be a hard character to try and get right. I can only hope it will be better next time.


Avi was an okay side bit and important for her character. I enjoy her view points, but... well it was largely forgettable (To my mind any way)
Avi isn't a very useful character it feels like, aside from being the token Aiel girl. Which is sad. I can't stand her Elayne worship, though.


More of Perrin later please! (Though Faile was a busy beaver in her hand full of scenes. Masama's DEAD! Freakin ya. Should have known there was a Forsaken in his ear)
I liked Perrin thinking like a mature adult for the first time in ages.


Gawyn...... he could be a problem. (Still)
Enough said.


I liked how Rand felt he outwitted Grendael..................................and it was appropriate to his fall and his soul's collapse...........................That said.................COME ON! She's been so built up and marvelously evil and we don't even get a moment of her before she dies. It was so vague a way to go I still think there is plenty of wiggle room that she may yet have survived. A ruse to escape the Dragon Reborn. She IS that clever!
That was so anti-climatic.


That ending really got me. Rand's moment on Dragonmount and Egwene watching from Tar Valon. I could SEE it so vividly. Brought tears to my eyes.
Rand's part felt a little cheesy to me, but then I kind of wanted him to snap and kill someone not named Cadsuane. I'm sick like that.


Now I can't wait for Towers of Midnight. (I'm sure I'm not alone there) Any thoughts or points of exchange??? I could talk about this one all night.

I hope I have satisfied you! Although I too could speak of it a lot. Until I forget it all.
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I shouldn't be in here. O.O

I love Nynaeve missing Moiraine! I'm hoping for a hugging moment when they eventually meet again.

There, there. We're here for you.

I'm borrowing the book from a friend who bought it this weekend. I haven't bought a WoT book since Momo left us, but from the sounds of it, this is probably the best one since Lord of Chaos (which I didn't like that much anyway). The first ones though, are very excellent, and I hope I'll get a feeling of urgency again.

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Some random lulz :duck: ... I'm probably not the first to notice it, but I thought I'd mention it: Page 161, Perrin has in his camp a "master carpenter" named Lyncon. I immediately thought of Lincoln and his log cabin. *facepalms* I don't know whether to blame RJ or Sanderson. Actually, I could blame both, if RJ put it in his notes and Sanderson was fool enough to put it in the book.


Still not as bad as "Suffa", though. :siuandance:

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Whoa! I finally got around to reading tGS! :siuandance: It was different but awesome! Sanderson seemed less descriptive and used more dialogue to get the point across with the characters. I think that's why Mat came off a little weird. I can't ever remember him talking so much before this book.


I like how fast paced the book felt! :) It's been a while since I've sat and devoured a new WoT book in one day. I have to admit I still just skimmed through Rand's parts. I had to actively stop myself from flipping ahead to find more chapters dealing with the Aes Sedai. :duck: Egwene definitely stole the spotlight in a pleasant way though I think she owes Siuan some understanding. Siuan just couldn't stand and watch another Amyrlin, her protege and friend, stilled and executed. mellow.gif We'll have to see how it plays out in Towers of Midnight.


Every mention of Moiraine made me so frustrated! I really really really hope that the next book picks up with Mat and crew going for their rescue. I'd be happy if Sanderson can somehow sneak in a description of Thom that can reduce my gag reflex when I think of him and Moiraine together. I mean I now have a different mental image Gareth Bryne after he managed to include a scene where he is in his small clothes. :D

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I've been slowly working my way through this book and following in the footsteps of the great masters that came before me, I have some notes.


1: Every new page of this book further reinforces in my mind the need to see Gawyn put down like a rabid streetdog.


2: Frank Zappa!Thom lives and he is a paragon of manly. The thought of him twirling his moustache makes me giddy like a japanese schoolgirl. One thats not being raped mind you... I'm not quite that happy just yet.


3: Cadsuanes a bitch, and you can't censor me! YOU CAN'T CENSOR THE TRUUUTH!


I'll be back with more. Right now I really want to go out in the freezing cold and blow smoke. Because theres nothing quite as satisfying as breathing and having smoke come out of your mouth. You can totally pretend to be some sort of great big firebreating bitch of a lizard. You know the ones.. What are they called...




Cadsuanes... They're called Cadsuanes.



No but really, its good times. Especially when the destination in mind is so welcoming, soft and warm. Like no hearth I have ever known. Starting to sound like aaa Bob Dylan sooooong.



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Because theres nothing quite as satisfying as breathing and having smoke come out of your mouth. You can totally pretend to be some sort of great big firebreating bitch of a lizard. You know the ones.. What are they called...




Cadsuanes... They're called Cadsuanes.


They are dragons...!




*clap!heals Rand out of the series*

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I have to admit I am liking WOT in Sanderson's writing style more than Jordan's.


And I am also enjoying all these Moiraine invocations. Before Rand was just feeling bad about how she died. Now quite a few others seem to be remembering her and it has a more emotional quality to it.


I didn't coin this term, but its been quite mogasmic (ah! such an ugly word yet enjoyable!) lol.

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And I am also enjoying all these Moiraine invocations. Before Rand was just feeling bad about how she died. Now quite a few others seem to be remembering her and it has a more emotional quality to it.


Siuan's felt forced. Or maybe I just really dislike Siuan. Or maybe she just really is that way! Don't ask me "what way".




Why no this wasn't just an excuse to bash Siuan and/or use smilie.

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well Marie you can say that Siuan's mogasms are, indeed, fake then. :) (gosh that was crude!) i'm suprised you dislike Siuan tho. is it because she's being too much of a cheeseball over GB? i still find her siuan-ish in that she's trying to politically undermine everyone around her. :D


"And then she proceeded to spank the Forsaken." Oh, Caddy. Nothing gives her greater joy in life then to just give a downright good spanking.




i love Elaida's tantrums when her authority is undermined. G17 and i were saying how shes like the principal from the Breakfast Club.


Gawyn bothers me. He needs to figure himself out before he goes running around leading armies and rescuing people. the guy's brains are running in multiple directions.

Edited by Iris
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I really enjoyed this book aside from its few faults.


I don't think the Mat dialogue can be mentioned enough! UGH! Talk about awkward and horrible and just plain bad.


The Moiraine mentions were a little too hammer on the head for me. There is subtle and then there is Sanderson.


I'm kind of tired of the White Tower stuff tbh, specifically Siuan and Gareth but I did like the Black Ajah beheading party.


Rand is still Rand and Min is still Min.

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Well... Black Ajah EVERYWHERE.


I find that everyone at or near the White Tower seems to have gone just as bonkers as Rand, while everyone near Rand must suffer from constant headaches. Min seems to becoming increasingly inconsequential, or maybe that's just wishful thinking.


Although, for some reason, I liked Rand more than usual. The entire story. Not sure why. I also liked N more than usual, a LOT more than usual.


Siuan is mild cheddar IMO. She's been cheese ever since she was un-importanteded, but her fangirliness for the man whose laundry she does made me... laugh in a not so good way.


Oh, and I liked Caddy a hair more than I usually do. I think it was her spanking a Forsaken.

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