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What are you watching (TV)?

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I recall a "What are you watching" movie thread some time back, but this one is ONLY for TV programmes. However, you may be watching on TV, DVD or Internet.


Okay, so what am I watching:


- Ugly Betty (TV)

- Brothers and Sisters (TV)

- Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi (old Hindi comedy series; DVD)

- Blackadder (DVD)


There's more, but this is all I can think of now.


(If this thread becomes popular, we are going to make it a sticky, so... *pulls everyone here*... contribute!!)

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Has anyone seen Good Omens??? I loved it! 

I hate Angel. When I was at the hospital last time it was the only thing except TV-Shop on TV. After I watched it like three times I found that TV-Shop stimulated my doped up mind much more.


God damned America and making everything be good and nice, like this Angel character "My life of living outside the law doing whatever I like and sleeping around with lots of goth chicks is unfullfilling! I shall find a crazy woman on hallucinogens and a guy who can mysteriously read ancient demon languages and band together with them, travelling the country in a green volgswagen solving crime!"


And demons and devils being all "grr"

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- Blackadder (DVD)


The first series is just - odd. Baldrick actually has cunning plans and Edmund is just a whiny brat. It had its moments, though.


South Park, as always. I don't care that they are re-runs.


Finally, "new" episodes of The Simpsons.


I'm not comfortable in the role as idle watcher.

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Yeah, in the later series Baldrick became really idiotic, and Edmund cunning and sly!


I never liked "Angel" either, though I did like "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer"!


Watching "Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks" (DVD) but my sister's DVD player's remote is all conky... >:P

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Har de har. :P


I'm not a fan of it either. :P It's always on in the early morning when the infomercials have taken over tv. *narrows eyes*


Those writers better get what they want with the strike thing going on or all of tv will be gameshows and reality tv and... wait.


Firefly - dvd set.

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