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Interesting you should ask.


I had a dream that tried to make sense of the 1st Age - 2nd Age transition. A fringe religious group was the topic of conversation on the news one night, and the anchorpersons talked about these people being able to do "magic" of some strange kind. Of course, they were riddled with skeptics, even after some amazing demonstrations. They even caught the attention of James Randi and David Copperfield, whom of course were trying to debunk their magic. Turns out members of the religion talked about assuming "oneness" with your thoughts in order to perform the magic, and I perked my ears up. They were going to small theatre venues around the state, picking up followers by giving them ability tests. If individuals were found who could perform the magic, they would be rounded up and convinced to follow.


Turmoil was plaguing the world. War in the Middle East and in Eastern Asia was coming to a head, and religious groups of all kinds were imploring repentance. Biblical prophecies were said to be fulfilled, with many a person claiming divinity as the rebirth of Jesus Christ. It was later one evening that the group who claimed magical ability, those who called themselves simply "The Servants", was hosting a seminar in a convention center in town. I attended with a buddy of mine. It was quite devoid of fanfare, just a bunch of individuals going from one attendee to another for a few moments, asking them to concentrate and think about rosebuds and flames in darkness. As it so happened, the man who came to me said after a while, "You are blessed, child. You may learn our ways." I was ecstatic. It didn't last long, because my friend was told some moments later "My son! You will develop superb ability if you stay with us, perhaps even as much as our leaders." Argh I was so jealous!


And that was the end of the dream. Rats.

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Because Vertex is our resident troll.


Thread necro!   I got the ACoS audiobook for my bday and was listening to the Mesaana part last night. I dreamt I had to be the one to find out who Mesaana was masquerading as, but it wasn't in the

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It had never happened to me.

But that's due to the fact that i don't have a picture of anybody in my head. I mean i have an idea how they look like but not a face... You know how it is, when somebody is describing someone else. You get the idea, but not quite... :)

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I had a realy odd dream last night. I dreamt that Masema was my new teacher! He took everybodys jewlerys and I was wearing a necklace and two rings, that I realy liked, so I tried to take them back when he wasn't looking.

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Time to resurrect the year-and-a-half-old thread! :hump:


Last night I dreamt I got a call on my cell from Eamon Valda....he told me to bring 118 gold coins to the Dome of Truth in Amador. So I was like ok and I went gathering coins off the ground in this medieval lumber lodge place. My time was running out and I only had 108 coins, but I decided that would have to do. So I started for Amadicia but then realized I couldn't remember where in Randland it was! So I literally stood there picturing the WoT map that is on the inside flap of the book. I kept thinking "hmm...west of Illian, southwest of Cairhien, right? Or was it Ghealdan?" Anyways I set off on my merry way (on foot, lol) but the stuff that happened after that was really scary and didn't have anything to do with WoT, so I'll stop.

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